What's cool to you might not be cool to the next person, so make sure you really have a good idea what is in, and what is out.

cool practical effects for an ad with no cgi

Mind-Bending Japanese Ad Features No CGI

For a sports drink, of all things.
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cool awesome ridiculous Video animals win - 106691585

A Monkey Playing Pong With Its Mind

Equally terrifying and amazing.
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video of a 3D printer made to make sandwiches

3D Printer Turned Into Sandwich Making Robot

The future is here and it makes sandwiches.
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explosives used to hydroform tanks into spheres

Making A Batch of Metal Spheres With Explosives

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impressive coconut cool food Video win - 106630401

Man Showcases Absolutely Spectacular Coconut Cutting Skills

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cool Music awesome amazing supercut Video - 106602241

Supercut Of Legendary Sax Battle In NYC In 2013 Is Epic

Um, so this is absolutely amazing.
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cool Music awesome instruments Video win - 106586113

Cliffs Of Dover Played On An Electric Bassoon

Um, this is just plain old awesome.
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video of machines that balance themselves

Self-Balancing Machines are Some Satisfying Engineering

Yes, stay upright you wheeled miracles.
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impressive crazy cool awesome Video beautiful - 106543873

Glider Touchdown In Rain Is Absolutely Spectacular

Okay, bring on all the adrenaline rush then.
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Tumblr story imagines an alien invasion being fought off by the earth's wildlife | skeletonmug Imagine being next crew go down earth and thinking s fine got this have weapons and equipment necessary deal with bears and shudders hippopotamuses be fine And at first are learned dodge learned where their territories are know defend yourself. But then one night are sleeping shelter

Tumblr Story: Alien Invasion Fought Off By Wildlife

Can't count out those mosquitoes.
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interesting and valuable things people found in the trash | Handwriting - Duck-Yo-Couch 2 days ago Once I found a perfectly good stationary bike that my neighbors threw out that I cleaned up then used for years. Can't believe this day comes only 52 times a year.

The Best Stuff People Found In The Garbage

One person's trash is another person's very valuable, useful trash.
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crazy video biker Joan Mir crashes but recovers

Biker Crashes, Makes Miraculous Recovery

Seriously unreal.
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cool hot wheels video

Drifting Hot Wheel Cars Plain Old Awesome

Literally taking Hot Wheels to the next level
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playing the imperial march music from star wars on a coffee stirrer

Star Wars Fan Plays Imperial March On Coffee Stirrer

Mad skills.
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12 years old terrarium cool video

Life Inside Of A 12-Year-Old Terrarium

Pretty stunning stuff.
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air canon biggest in the world

Biggest Air Cannon In The World

Way too cool.
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