What's cool to you might not be cool to the next person, so make sure you really have a good idea what is in, and what is out.

impressive cool smart awesome Video win - 106927361

Guy Puts Wheels On Pallet, Travels Around City Via Tram Lines

Yeah, what a genius move.
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A collection of cool artistic engravings on trees.

Faces Carved Into Trees Is A Mystifying Spectacle

Pretty cool stuff.
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video of man showing off splay function of his prosthetic hand

Guy Shows Off Incredibly Engineered Prosthetic Hand

Now that's a hand.
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cool Music Recorder awesome Video win - 106878721

Man Transcends This Dimension During Recorder Performance

He left it all out there, and then some.
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Nostalgic Lego sets

Sweet Nostalgic Lego Sets Of The Past

Those were the days.
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Washing machine working on water turbine power

Man Powers House With Creek And A Washing Machine

Simply awesome.
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impressive cool VHS animation awesome Video - 106859265

A VHS Cover Animation Done The Right Way

All about that 80s/90s aesthetic.
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People describe their petty yet effective power moves pulled off in the workplace | r/AskMen u/plagueisthedumb 5d Join is most petty but effective power move have done? Good Fucking Question new senior supervisor started at our workplace few months ago and would be working under him as particular zones supervisor 30 so l'm out ordinary supervisor age and looks etc normally its an old boy thats been industry forever see new dude car park and go introduce myself. He looks eye as he's walking

Petty Yet Effective Power Moves Employees Pulled Off

That's one way to go out.
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impressive cool rollercoaster awesome Video win - 106793473

Man's Backyard K'Nex Rollercoaster Is Absolute Insanity

Pretty flipping awesome.
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cool awesome cards Video oddly satisfying - 106826241

Oddly Satisfying Stop Motion Playing Cards

Could get lost in this for a very long time.
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impressive cool chicken birds smart awesome win - 106802945

Man Makes Popcorn Blaster To Feed His Poultry

Um, this is awesome.
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Video of guy building an automatic domino machine

Dude Builds Automatic Lego Domino Machine

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impressive cool Music awesome talented drums Video win - 106769665

Man's Performance On Tiny Drums Is A Spectacle To Behold

Talk about some mad skills.
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cool toys awesome Video win - 106739457

Dude Creates Amazing Knex Rollercoaster In His Backyard

Just plain old awesome.
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transformers cool toys optimus prime Video - 106724865

Crazy Transformers Toy Transforms Into Optimus Prime

Toys are getting out of hand these days, man.
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video of guy making art with a photocopier

Photocopier Artist Explains His Craft

Self expression at the hands of technology!
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