What's cool to you might not be cool to the next person, so make sure you really have a good idea what is in, and what is out.

cool Music drumming performance amazing win - 107523585

Drummer Nate Smith Gives Crowd Lesson In 7/4 Time

Alright that's awesome.
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tumblr thread about consuming toxic plants like coffee and hot peppers

Tumblr Thread: Humans Consume Toxic Plants For Fun

Don't talk to me til I've had my bug poison.
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metal cool steel explosion work engineering awesome loud - 106606849

Making a Steel Sphere with an Explosion

Yeah that's awesome.
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impressive cool pumpkins halloween awesome ridiculous Video win - 107478017

1223 Pound Giant Pumpkin Timelapse

Mesmerizing stuff.
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cool surprising anvil awesome Video - 107472897

Floating An Anvil On Liquid Mercury

A superb demonstration.
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impressive cool smart awesome genius Video win - 107467777

Man Has Genius Innovation To Prevent Thieves From Stealing His Tools

This guy's on a whole another level.
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impressive cool birds awesome falcon Video win - 107466497

Peregrine Falcon Swiftly Dives 180 MPH From Hot Air Balloon

Pretty impressive stuff.
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cool awesome ridiculous DIY Video win - 107457537

Simone Giertz Builds Mechanical Dining Room Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Impressive stuff.
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impressive cool awesome DIY Video win - 107455745

Upholsterer Manages To Restore A Completely Rotten Chair

Immensely satisfying spectacle to behold.
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diving cool guns river wtf gun weird Video - 107439361

Diver Finds Cool Old Gun In River

Anyone missing one of these?
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cool Music awesome movies Video win - 107415041

Musician Puts Spin On Basic Training Cadence, Creates Absolute Hit

This is way too catchy.
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A creative Tumblr post about a very generous god.

Tumblr Post: The God Of Humble Beauty

So many feels.
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cool sports awesome Video win - 107383553

Olympic High Jump Medalist Jumps Hurdles Like It's Nothing

Dang, man.
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cool awesome monster truck Video win - 107321857

First Ever Monster Jam Truck Front Flip

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cool surprising sports awesome baseball ridiculous Video win - 107301377

Third Baseman Predicts Whole Play Before It Actually Happens

Don't see something like that every day.
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nature cool surprising awesome ridiculous whales Video - 107300353

Curious Orca Tries To Befriend Stand Up Paddle Boarder

Orca was just trying to say "what up."
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