We're just having a friendly conversation. Though you never know when auto correct will strike next. So double check every word, and have a laugh at some people who should have made sure they said what they meant.

things overheard after phone calls

Wild Junk People Overheard After Someone Thought They'd Hung Up

It's good to double check.
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Girl ends up letting complete stranger use the restroom in her house.

Girl Lets Perfect Stranger Into Home To Use Restroom, Gets Called Out

Yeah, not a bright idea at all.
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polite ways for making people stop talking

Polite-ish Ways To Tell Someone To Shut Up

All conversations must end.
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A funny Tumblr thread on different texting tones based on generation people are born in. | averagefairy old people really need leam text accurately mood they're trying represent like my boss texted wondering my semester is over so she can start scheduling more hours and like my finals are done 15th! And she texts back "Yay fuck am supposed interpret besides passive aggressive runawaymarbles Someone needs do linguistic study on people over 50 and they use ellipsis s FASCINATING never know mood

Tumblr Users Explain Older Generations' Confusing Texts

They don't mean to sound passive aggressive.
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Hilarious text exchange between mom and her daughter involves memes and frustration | 3:21 PM 86% Mom 01/24/2016 Sun Mom stop and grab coffee on way over 7:50 AM No 7:51 AM Why 7:51 AM Because an ungrateful brat 7:52 AM grateful and dad got busy 36 years ago. Bow chicka bow bow 7:53 AM know are killing Elizabeth really killing No coffee. Enter message

Daughter Relentlessly Trolls Mom To Oblivion

Real or not, this is gold.
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A choosing beggar trolls guy over the time they were supposed to meet up | 60 55 min ago 80 54 min ago 75 if could bring it to me

Choosing Beggar Doesn't Understand How Time Works

A misunderstanding or master troll. You be the judge.
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A funny conversation about trolling a gift card scammer. | 4:44 PM Hello are doing? Hey Aunt Christine l'm doing well thank is everyone doing there can now call each other and see information like Active Status and read messages. Doing wonderfully great. Hope everything is going on fine with Yep can't complain stationed San Diego. My wife and kids are back Va

Man Trolls Gift Card Scammer For Hours

Well done, my dude.
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Conversation of guy who doesn't know about fishing trying to borrow boat | Today at 1:29 PM don't care if 's birthday not letting borrow my truck, tow my boat, try back up, and probably break something Today at 1:30 PM dude fuck know im reasponsible Today at 1:31 PM Naw ever since started date girl been slipping Like even happened car farily new Today at 1:31 PM minor fender bender but thats besides point wasnt even my fault

Dude Doesn't Know How to Fish, Tries to Borrow Boat

Yeah man, totally, just take it.
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Antivaxxer being stupid in text conversation | and 's truth bro sheep sheeple can be so blind Imfao 's zionists and gates' okay 's truth are blind where do get proof facebook s obvious got vaccinated right? no and don't have autism don't think jesus christ Delivered doesn't cause autism 100 time iMessage 4.

Anti-Vaxxer's "Reasoning" is as Incoherent as One Would Expect

It's like a Thanksgiving conversation all over again.
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A collection of polite ways to end conversations with chatterboxes | _zugunruhe_ 12h 2 Awards If cannot get word best thing do is drop something which typically leads person stop talking, giving break say forgot needed do something. Reply 7.7k

Most Polite Ways To End Conversations

Helpful to have in one's back pocket.
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Lazy scammer absolutely fails at their attempt | Karlee Grey Active just now K Ohhh my God just got this new phone and used an amazon card upgrade and have not got get recharge on so can make video call on this phone wish see Literally every phone on earth has camera attached s some laughable bullshit right there Michael.

Worst Scammer The World's Ever Seen

What a mess.
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Text exchange of a guy wanting a cat back after 5 years | Hello my name is number hoping talk gave Wed, Mar 25, 5:40 PM Hello, sorry work nights so l've been asleep can do Wed, Mar 25, 10:45 PM wondering about cat my mom gave few years ago Thu, Mar 26, 3:50 PM Oh mean Khaleesi? Im not sure call her im guessing yes if thats grey cat my mom gave and lived together he Fri, Mar 27, 5:14 PM iMessage Pay GIF

Bold Dude Demands Cat Back after Five Years

Whoa that's a handful.
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Dating conversation fail | 's fine Today 4:07 PM 's good sheep pictures is super cute by way. Is yours? Today 4:40 PM They're friends. And she" and he not an Sorry douchebag answers, but really hate small talk and feel uninspired let my guard down and let someone if feel like just on receiving end. Today 6:15 PM no fan small talk either but honestly 's pretty difficult start conversation with complete stranger out clear blue without much go on. And o

Persistently Uninterested Tinder Match is a Bullet Dodged

Some matches weren't meant to be.
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Aggressive texter bombards guy's phones with paragraphs | Oh shoot. So sorry did not mean send s little embarrassing My old phone didn't allow send videos and since just got this one on Thursday still trying see can do and dunno pressed scrolling through my gallery but total accident and now really embarrassed so 's best don't talk anymore ?

Woman Bombards Man's Phone With Storm Of Texts

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A thirsty wrong number gets trolled in hilarious conversation | Hey! Is this Lynn Heyyy! Yeah who is this? Jon lol are up Ughhh just sitting here are up s no fun just got home Are and bf still together No, fuck prick Lol 'd he do

Wrong Number Gets Taken For Ride On Troll Train

Not the Lynn he was looking for.
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Son's shirt says "players gonna play" and Karen proceeds to get offended | Mom ?e! Hey s up? Not much, just got down Yeah same here e So l actually wanted talk about something Yeah? About Well other day at playgroup bit. Unimpressed with wearing.

Son's Shirt Says "Players Gonna Play", Karen Gets Offended

Karen found something new to be mad about.
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