choosing beggar

A choosy beggar expects a seller to Uber a game to them.

Choosy Beggar Expects Seller To Uber Game To Them

Some people refuse to get a clue.
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A choosing beggar tries to get a $300 course for free, and fails miserably.

Choosy Beggar Legit Tries To Buy $300 Course For Free

Get a load of this dude.
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A choosing beggar expects their A/C unit to be delivered for free, and gets rejected | Is really free? Is still available accepted request is still available and yes 's free because can't carry this 120lb thing by myself lol But there is another person who messaged before did, so let give her opportunity first and will get back Let's keep our fingers crossed! ok am single mother and could really use right now. Can have Hello will give her opportunity until tomorrow and if don't hear back her

Choosing Beggar Expects Free A/C To Be Delivered, Gets Rejected

The whole free package was just too much.
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A choosing beggar expects another dude to just give up his username. | Hi just wanted know if be willing give up username? This name is really important and 's been attached my brand years 7:23 AM No, sorry but good luck with band Why are so attached

Choosing Beggar Expects Dude To Give Up His Username

What a wild time to be alive.
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Customer complains about a cheap taco, and then the owner sets the customer straight.

Customer Complains About Cheap Taco, Owner Sets Customer Straight

We're talking about a dollar taco here, dude.
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Choosing beggar stages a meltdown over not being able to haggle down price of blanket.

Relentless Choosing Beggar Haggles Over Blanket

My dude, it's not going to work out.
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Choosing beggar tries to haggle and fails miserably.

Lowballing Choosy Beggar Tries To Haggle, Fails Miserably

Um, yeah, that's a definite no.
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An entitled choosing beggar fails to properly comprehend what lowballing actually is.

Entitled Lowballer Fails To Comprehend Lowballing

Someone needs to pull it together.
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A choosing beggar charges for a refund after misplacing the item herself. | pink marble set with gold foil an upcoming birthday girl Love them thank | purchased 5 sets wore one sets on my special day and lost my index finger's nail because glue provided bad quality other set purchased isn't shape had asked since doesn't fit like shows on pictures have responsibility tell clients full detail each product never told nail shape will fit never told glue give won't last more than 2 hours.

Choosing Beggar Loses Purchase, Charges Back For Refund

That's not the way the world works.
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Entitled family member drops in out of the blue and expects earrings back from years ago. | Hi have two gold earrings gave long time ago actually feel guilty giving them because they are inky memory have my uncle who gave them If dont wear do still them anymore, can have them back, as would like keep them and not sure why even gave them or did lend them

Family Member Expects Earrings Back From Years Ago, Reality Check Ensues

It was over 10 years ago.
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Entitled kids expect to inherit all of dad's hard earned money. | AITA telling my children if they don't grow up and get real jobs, they aren't getting penny die, and then giving them reality check? Not hole ThrowRA not dying TL/DR: My kids thought they'd get my savings die told them no, then lectured them 57M) have two kids, N(30M) and (27F N works part-time flipping burgers, but insists his real job is as gaming streamer claims she's professional' influencer, her livelihood supported by her

Entitled Children Expect To Inherit Dad's Savings, Dad Sets Kids Straight

Some people need the reality check more than others.
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cheapskate uses a calculator to split the bill on a date

Cheapskate Gets Calculator Out On First Date

Absolutely absurd.
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An influencer expects an artist to sacrifice their integrity in the name of exposure. | Hey manager messaging earlier telling were looking hand drawn portrait? yeah can start cos need this ASAP

Influencer Expects Artist To Sacrifice Integrity For Exposure

Yeah, nope.
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A choosing beggar threatens to go and snitch on a desk seller. | Hi there wondering turn around time custom desk is need height be 700mm. Width enough fit triple 24" monitors side by side like keyboard sized area at front slanted forward ease typing/gaming 17:25 Hiya have template exact design. Around 2 weeks before can start currently 17:30

Belligerent Choosing Beggar Threatens To Snitch On Desk Seller

Oh come on with all that nonsense.
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A poor choosing beggar student tries to lowball on a nice camera. | much gave Asking price is $350 after some consideration due mark on lens am willing go down 250 Which mark

"Poor" Student Tries To Buy Photography Lens

Try your game elsewhere.
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Entitled person tries to get logo for free, gets trolled | said Hello. Vcera 11:41 odp. Iam sorry late response can help with? Vcera, 11:42 odp Webdesign w/ logo Show latest work mobile design category want someone good.

Entitled Goof Tries to Get Designer to Work for Free

People keep trying this and it never works out.
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