choosing beggar

wtf fish Karen would rather throw fish in trash than give them away

Green Aquarium Karen Would Rather Throw Fish In Trash Than Give Them Away

Those poor fish.
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A choosy beggar sends a series of enraged, completely clueless messages to a tattoo artist.

Entitled Customer Threatens Tattoo Parlor With Nasty Review, Tattoo Parlor Beats Them To It

Oh boy, they handled that beautifully.
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A choosing beggar ends up rudely rejecting a free car offer.

Choosy Beggar Rudely Rejects Free Car Offer

You've got to be kidding me with this.
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Delusional writer who believes they've written a bestseller vampire novel won't pay for editing

Delusional Writer Wants "The Next Twilight" Edited For Free

"Excuse me, Count Dracula is spelled with an O."
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A stranger wants a custom wedding order as a gift.

Entitled Stranger Expects Custom Wedding Order As A Gift

Just a tad bit delusional.
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A choosy beggar attempts to severely lowball a wedding caterer, and fails miserably.

Choosy Beggar Tries To Severely Lowball Wedding Caterer

Enough with all of that cheap talk.
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A dense choosing beggar won't grasp the meaning of rejection.

Dense Choosy Beggar Won't Grasp Meaning Of Rejection

Keep up, my dude.
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Entitled people and their demands

Entitled People and Their Uproarious Demands

What humble rays of sunshine.
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A choosing beggar expects a family to move out of their house for the week.

Choosy Beggar Expects Family To Move Out Of House For The Week

Absolutely absurd.
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A choosing beggar tries to haggle over an artist's reasonable pricing, gets rejected, and then turns mean.

Choosing Beggar Tries To Haggle Over Artist's Pricing, Gets Rejected, Turns Nasty

The "no wait" at the end though.
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Choosing beggar wants an iPad for $40 and expects free three-hour delivery | only have 40 asked if u can do 40 simple yes or no could do but guess ik answer! Oh assumed meant an extra $40 delivery. No offense, but mean, if were selling something would take less than were asking AND drive over 3 hours? U said e hour and half u? Yeah each way, so over 3 hours round trip

Choosing Beggar Wants iPad For $40 And Free Delivery

It'd have costed $40 just to fill up the tank.
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An entitled employee asks coworker for free cake, gets denied, issues threats.

Entitled Coworker Demands Free Cake, Gets Denied, Issues Threats

They made themselves look worse than anyone else could've.
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A choosy beggar gets upset over her brother giving her free HBO.

Choosy Beggar Pitches Fit Over Getting Free HBO From Her Brother

The audacity on this one is beyond comprehension.
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An entitled girl expects a 60% discount on Offerup.

Girl Expects 60% Discount On Offerup

Absolutely ridiculous.
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A choosy beggar wants 22 homework assignments done before payment.

Choosy Beggar Wants Homework Assignments Done Before Payment

Definitely fishy.
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An entitled influencer expects a haircut for cheap | saw post on twitter hair and 's really pretty much Hi is do something similar 20:06 Hey costs £120 includes cost my trip place. 20:08 's pretty much. Can pay £50 though? 20:10 No 50 is too low can do 100 though just bc one her friends referred and she says 20:12 W

Entitled "Influencer" Expects Haircut For Cheap

Oh dear.
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