choosing beggar

A choosing beggar takes lowballing to a whole new extreme | Hey is sofa set still available? Hi, yes 's available is condition firm are seats?

Choosing Beggar Takes Lowballing To New Extreme

No, no, get out of here with that.
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A choosing beggar offers up cool vibes in exchange for a free place | Hi my name isl Es young, independent photographer/insta baddie looking move cosy place long term with couple house mates. My job is between busy patches so naturally wouldn't be able pay rent. But more than make up this with doing dishes, cleaning house, and providing everyone with fun cool vibe couple rules:

Choosing Beggar Offers Rad Vibes For Free Place

Nah, not gonna work, my dude.
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Woman demands that her old roommates give her back the fridge that she sold to them | Hey claudia ru doing all good about Melissa has friend need fridge were wondering if u still have second one she might want give him SEP. 11 AT 9:36 P.M. damn thought bought guys?

Woman Sells Fridge To Old Roomies, Demands Fridge Back A Year Later

She's not asking but telling.
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Choosing beggar offers exposure for $30K sapphire, gets rejected, makes threats | Would be willing do trade have over 30O followers and could market would get tons exposure and many my followers are top elite people with lots money gemstones O Message

Choosing Beggar Offers Exposure For $30K Sapphire, Gets Rejected, Makes Threats

Exposure is not payment.
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A choosing beggar asks for the lowest price on a Macbook, and gets trolled | Today 8:45 PM Hey man still have MacBook Pro? Yeah 's lowest take? Lowest go is $700

Choosing Beggar's Request Lands Them At Comedy Club

A joke indeed.
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entitled people with ridiculous demands | Hey am looking 2-5 horses borrow weekend(3 days, 2 nights trail riding camping trip. Need be able borrow tack as many horses as well as food whole trip. Will take great care them and give them bath if wanted!(at own place) Would take great care them as if they wre our own and looking spend little no money could show pics where horses would be staying as well. Also needing borrow trailer little no money as well same amount horses. Thanks advance.

Entitled People and Their Ludicrous Expectations

Who demands stuff like this?
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A choosing beggar demands a free VCR, but only if it's new | Hi all anyone have VCR they can let have? Mine broke and need record tv CB shows watch later. thanks. Hi know there's more modern technology can use, right But have VCR/DVD player combo! Yours 20 but have pick up. Thanks but said "let have And will* let have 20

Choosing Beggar Demands Free VCR, But Only If It's New

Not gonna work out, buddy.
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Funny honest business owner declines stupid offer | rest is up guys impress enough l'll go with winner gets business and all exposure comes with an exciting new start up company already has 1k followers on social media. Good luck!  Hi No. Good luck Hi Well 's definitely lost opportunity on behalf may ask why though?

Startup Tries to Get Business to Compete for Bad Job, Soundly Denied

This level of brutal honesty is refreshing.
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A choosing beggar can't grasp what the meaning of a deposit is | Hey need cancel today not feeling well, thanks so sorry hear Thank letting know can reschedule at different time. Thanks u can just send my deposit back through PayPal or Venmo

Choosing Beggar Doesn't Grasp Meaning Of Deposit

Get out of here with that.
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A choosing beggar asks a man to drive hundreds of miles to look at soil | hello would need talk about seeds please hello saw accept invitation are ready talk Hi mate s up? C sent seeds on reddit post but doesnt grow oh right, did remember add soil and water and time?

Choosing Beggar Asks Man To Drive Hundreds Of Miles To Assess Soil

It really be like that.
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A choosing beggar tries to offer exposure instead of payment |  Exposed Hey Hi Sup can skip small talk lol looking some background dancers music video at well known artists house make or female/ F and with exotic looks. Do know anyone who'd be interested

Choosing Beggar Offers Exposure Instead Of Payment

It'd be a shocker if anyone fell for this.
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A photographer's free photo shoot is too much for a choosing beggar | Hi are really like images and l'd love if could do collab? Hi, thanks reaching out glad like my iamges Are there any specific shots were looking currently have special 3 looks and 9 edited images 175! Lmk if 's someting be interested

Photographer Offers Free Photo Shoot, It's Too Much For Choosing Beggar

I mean, come on, really.
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A lying choosing beggar ends up paying more than they bargained for | r/ChoosingBeggars u/MAStersOfTheUn1verse 1d Join 1 Lying CB ends up paying more than he bargained LONG Just small CB but pleased worked out. TL;DR at end as realise can waffle on. My mother law downsizing and had decent office chair get rid fully adjustable with lumbar support and all jazz. If honest really wanted but don't have an office/study or anywhere put my desk is my dining room table.

Lying Choosing Beggar Pays More Than He Bargained For

Should've just been honest.
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Entitled person wants to trade church membership for art | If joined our church would pray would illuminate ur future w our prayers Tell Do painting our church, and will pray know u did painting about year ago our sister Why can't do one us and get saved while u can Are asking do painting free? Not free U know each member pays 20 their paycheck church each month. This'll be kind innitiation our great community think u really need

Entitled Woman Expects to Pay for Painting with Prayer

Might wanna pass on this opportunity.
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A choosing beggar wants a launchpad for free because he's only 11 years old | Launchpad MK2 Launchpad MK2 READ DESCR 70 Mark as Sold Mark as pending Hi, is this available? 17 AUG AT 11:24

Choosing Beggar Wants Launchpad For Free Cause He's "11"

Weak, so weak.
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A choosing beggar refuses to pay for a site that is free to visit | Hey do websites, right? 26m Can build website? Hello about lose my business. 23m

Choosing Beggar Won't Pay For Site That's Free To Visit

That's not how it works, bud.
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