TikToker confronts her cheating husband at the airport.

TikToker Confronts Cheating Husband At Airport

She even brought the other partner who was cheated on.
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Girl's ex buys himself a gift, gives it to her, and then petty revenge ensues. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/ImOnAnAllCarbDiet 5d 5 1 S 7 8 3 Ex bought himself gift as gift So did same This happened couple Christmases ago but someone told post this story here so Here am. About 4 months before Christmas 2018, my boyfriend at time accidentally spilt drink on his laptop and wrecked thing. He couldn't afford new one and his main source entertainment, so said he could borrow mine since didn't use often.

Ex Buys Himself Gift As Gift To Girlfriend, Petty Revenge Ensues

Dude brought this on himself.
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A collection of breakup texts between partners | hand written note Alexander Im sorry but dont want boyfriend anymore wanna break-up and no dont want be with any friends. Jenny

Breakup Texts That Ended Things In A Blaze Of Glory

Some people can't end things peacefully, and need to burn that bridge like no other.
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Ex wife demands guy remove his stuff from their storage unit, so he maliciously complies | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/vark4731 3d 2 1 2 1 3 1 Ex Wife Told Remove All My Stuff Her Storage Unit. So Did M My ex wife and split because she cheated. So our separation quite tumultuous (she still hasn't apologized act cheating and still denies even though know beyond any reasonable doubt she did incredibly hurt at time and l'll admit wasn't acting my best. But still tried treat her fairly

Ex Wife Demands Man Remove Stuff From Storage, Malicious Compliance Ensues

The universe was on his side.
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A revenge story about crazy ex girlfriend that steals guy's truck, and paints it pink | r/ProRevenge Join u/360Entertainment Not Car, Lady! So this happened around 2008. My buddy Brock had gotten out military after 10 years. He'd started Marines but transitioned into Army last 4 years before buying house Texas he got out he did variety jobs before landing gig with Repo service. He worked there year and had lot wild stories but this one sticks out most as he helped fellow soldier get

Psycho Ex Steals Man's Truck, Kind Karen Saves The Day

Finally, a kind and heroic Karen.
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A petty revenge story about an ex taking advantage of lease, and getting reported | r/pettyrevenge Join u/dppick09 Informed Our Landlord About Non- Leased Tenants Screw Ex Over TL;DR on bottom. On mobile etc. This quite long time ago my early twenties and had just gotten out relationship separation wasn't exactly pretty one had lived together and beyond ready move out and never speak him again. There just one problem were only five months into one year lease at our duplex had 2 bedroom

Ex-Boyfriend Takes Advantage Of Lease, Gets Reported To Landlord

Seems fair enough.
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Woman gives neighbor her number, and guy's girlfriend proceeds to freak out | r/tifu u/-Lawyer--Pink TIFU by giving new neighbor my number. M few days ago met girl who recently moved into my building on my way do laundry were both elevator heading machines and got talking about people leave laundry room an absolute disaster. She said something effect my husband and l can't stand disgusting gets Eventually, she left.

Woman Gives New Neighbor Phone Number, Breakup Ensues

No good deed goes unpunished.
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A Tumblr story about a trainer's boyfriend cheating on her, and then real life avengers assembling | throwtime about have fun afternoon. So my trainer's bf cheated on her. She broke up with him. He's holding her stuff hostage until she agrees talk with him. Which she refuses.

Trainer's Boyfriend Cheats On Her, Real Life Avengers Assemble

A little harmless vengeance for the win.
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People describe their most brutal breakup lines in an AskReddit thread | _iPood_ 4h Hey baby, are tunnel? Because breaking up.

People's Most Brutal Breakup Lines

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Twitter thread calls out people that don't move on after breakups | Rev Rell Follow @awkward_duck My homeboy, who love pieces, had great gf but he kept messing up. Like big time. Finally she called quits. He told her he gonna take time become better person she agreed they could reconcile later if he really worked on himself.

Twitter Thread: Man Gets Reality Check After Breakup

This guy's lesson can be applied to many folks.
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Two girls realize their parents got together | VBriseida @Bitchseida My mom divorced my dad who constantly cheated on her and now she out here living her best life Cabo with new boo who takes her places MATH

Girls Realize Their Single Parents Are Seeing Each Other

The internet accomplishes some wild things.
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The pettiest things people did after breakups | Gingerrevamp 1y took everything but spoon and can beans.

Pettiest Things Women Did After Breakups

Sometimes the pettiness is deserved.
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The most ridiculous reasons that people ever filed for divorce | Katie_19_96 19h 1 Award man filed divorce because he couldn't stand listening his wife make aah" sound after every drink. Apparently got him over years. Reply 3.5k

Most Outrageous Reasons People Filed For Divorce

Divorces can escalate very quickly.
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Woman live tweets a catastrophic public breakup | ashe dryden Follow @ashedryden omg woman next just confronted man with her because she found out he's been seeing her while another long-term relationship y'all she found out because his girlfriend called her

Twitter Thread: Woman Verbally Dismantles Cheating Boyfriend

What a spectacle that must've been.
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Girlfriend cheats on boyfriend, so he leaves her in massive debt | r/ProRevenge Join u/Deadlock1989 18h Good luck paying car So this isn't my story happened friend friend so exact details are difficult get but this is told ease story and hide identities names will use are jack and jill. Bit back story. Jack and jill had been going out nearly 5 years by point this story year prior jill lost her job due company she worked being liquidated. Money got tight jill so jack offered help by covering her

Girlfriend Cheats On Boyfriend, Boyfriend Leaves Her In Massive Debt

Job well done by the boyfriend.
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AskReddit replies to dating disasters that waiters and waitresses witnessed | thinkdeep 17h Bartender couple on Tinder date. They talk about an hour, he goes bathroom but left his jacket on back his chair with his wallet and keys She stole them, stole his car, and went shopping poor schmuck refused call cops an hour because going so well felt bad him.

Dating Disasters That Waiters/Waitresses Witnessed

Check please.
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