times people knew their relationship was done

The Instant People Knew Their Relationship Was Over

There's a hint.
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Guy tells his twin sister to never contact him again after he catches her with hanging out with his ex.

Betrayed Twin Disowns His Twin Sister When She Remains Friends With His Cheating Ex-Fiancée

This guy is: Ice. Farking. Cold.
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12 reddit text images dog custody battle | thumbnail blue background dog bottom right corner text "Dog custody in break up [Help] My live in boyfriend and I are breaking up, and moving out of our shared apartment. Our dog adores both of us, and we each adore our dog. Our dog likes routine and does not like moving between different locations."

Couple Seeks Advice On Dog Custody Debacle After Recent Break Up: Reddit Thread

Custody battle doggo edition
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bad horrible wtf signs relationships advice breakup red flag - 16130309

Glaring Red Flags That Made People Dip Out Of Relationships

Relationships are all about give and take. And that doesn't mean “I give them all my passwords and they take all my money.” These people had some pretty straightforward signs that the person they were seeing was untrustworthy, dangerous or straight up goofy, and made the right choice to run. There are better options than being miserable. For some more wild behavior, here are reasons people didn't go on a second date.
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Groom gets married twice in one year, and then acts surprised that people aren't thrilled about a second cash wedding.

Groom Gets Married Twice In One Year, Surprised People Aren't Stoked About Second Cash Wedding

Just a bit clueless there, eh.
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relationships among us tifu breakup funny dating - 16061957

Teen Couple Breaks Up After 'Among Us' "Imposter" Meltdown

She sounds kinda sus.
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Man's girlfriend breaks up with him while on work trip, tells him to move out, and pro revenge ensues.

Man Unleashes Tactical Nuclear Revenge On Cheating Ex

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Man accuses girlfriend of cheating, and learns that the culprit was laundry pods.

Man Accuses Girlfriend Of Cheating, Learns Culprit Was Laundry Pods

That's a big whoops there, bud.
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Guy breaks up with girlfriend, forces her to move out, feels guilty.

Guy Breaks Up With Girlfriend, Tells Her To Move Out, Feels Guilty

Sounds like there isn't any other way.
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Woman's ex-boyfriend wants to get back together, claims he isn't seeing anyone, gets caught, damages car.

Woman's Ex Wants To Get Back Together, Lies About Being Single, Karmic Justice Ensues

Sweet, sweet karma.
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An ex-boyfriend takes advantage of the lease, so he proceeds to get reported to the landlord.

Ex-Boyfriend Takes Advantage Of Lease, Proceeds To Get Reported To Landlord

Serves the dude right.
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Guy demands that his girlfriend sign a financial agreement before she moves in.

Guy Demands Girlfriend Sign Financial Agreement Before Moving In

Tough move there, my dude.
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relationships breakup Video dating tiktok - 2673926

TikToker Films Boyfriend Checking Out Girl Right In Front Of Her

Not the move, my dude.
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Cheaters explain the various reasons that they decided to cheat in the first place.

Cheaters Describe Why They Cheated In The First Place

Oh boy, these are rough.
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stories about people who chose between relationship partners and pets

People Who Had To Choose Between Partners and Pets

The usual outcome is either surprising or not, depending on your opinion of pets.
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TikToker confronts her cheating husband at the airport.

TikToker Confronts Cheating Husband At Airport

She even brought the other partner who was cheated on.
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