bad puns

I Can Handle This!

bad puns cars plumbing tap - 4580995584
By bachaddict

With Some Help From His Buddies

bad puns holding it up Professional At Work - 4569389824
By Unknown

The Sneakiest Ride

bad puns bicycle dual use Hall of Fame shoes - 4512825088
By Unknown

Mayou Hold That Down?

bad puns holding it up kitchen toaster wtf - 4503984384
By marchorowitz

You Can Still Ply It Open

bad puns locked up plywood school - 4499767552
By Unknown

The Best Part of (your bones) Breaking Up

bad puns cast coffee ouch tape - 4496188672
By robertmcnabb

Support Your Local Policemen

bad puns dangerous holding it up police precarious Professional At Work - 4492193792
By Mike (Via

I'm On the Fence About This Kludge

bad puns cars grill wtf - 4476745216
By mapper

You Spoiled Your Sweet Ride

bad puns cars spoiler woody - 4484068352
By evadsm

Foiled Again!

air conditioner bad puns Professional At Work wtf - 4486465280
By Unknown

The New Mercedes Town and Country

bad puns cardboard cars - 4448394496
By tophtoph

Ha! Your Glasses Suck

bad puns glasses holding it up straw - 4441527296
By Abzy_Fabzy

Quit Twining

bad puns cars holding it up rope twine - 4404389120
By bbbaldie

This Definitely Measures Up

bad puns clips kitchen kludge ruler - 4404493568
By Hahn93


bad puns CD dual use food - 4353522176
By Unknown


bad puns home improvement satellite dish - 4253483264
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