bad puns

Stephen King Always Provides Obvious Solutions

bad puns books dual use Hall of Fame holding it up monitor - 5172394240
By Julie Bolding

I See a Pew Things Wrong With This

bad puns cars safety first - 5052643328
By Unknown

In Case of Emergency, Use The Phone Tree

bad puns dual use green energy phone tree - 4998447360
By NestorMunoz

What a Showoff

bad puns door dual use locked up - 4982527488
By iizluvhappy

Fixing Under Pressure

bad puns dual use kitchen kludge zip ties - 4762589696
By Jimmy D

Brace Yourselves, It's About To Get a Bit Breezy

bad puns dual use holding it up tools - 4926406912
By Unknown

Dock Brown and His Crazy Ideas

bad puns dock holding it up Professional At Work - 4896302080
By Sherman Warren

I Hate It When My Wood Gets All Cold

2x4 bad puns dual use refrigerator woody - 4882669568
By Scruffy

Wood Age Computing at Its Finest

bad puns computer case computer repair electrical fire woody - 4861458944
By Unknown

I'm Tired of Boring Kludges

bad puns dual use tire window - 4865977088
By Marjolein333

I'm a Huge Fan of Duct Tape

bad puns computer repair duct tape gpu - 4841828352
By smkfin

Putting Up Christmas Lights is Exhausting

bad puns cars christmas lights dual use exhaust pipe holding it up - 4773643264
By morenone

By Far The Biggest Pile of Wood in the Bathroom

bad puns bathroom holding it down plumbing toiler - 4755890688
By Teri

I Think This Doorstop is a Lemon

bad puns doorstop holding it up - 4668835840
By Unknown

Sir, The Forkifications Are Complete

bad puns fork locked up - 4617257984
By stu.collier

A-Door-able A/C support

air conditioner bad puns holding it up - 4581925120