bad puns

Strength In Number Twos

bad puns bathroom kludge dual use pencil security - 4963804928

Probably Bad News: What An Assinine Excuse

bad puns failboat innuendo Probably bad News stupid criminals - 5359667712
By Unknown


art bad puns not a kludge - 5324457728
By Unknown

Literature Brings You To New Heights

bad puns books dual use holding it up Shaky Support Systems trailers - 5194942976
By Lenny

The keys to power

bad puns dual use electricity keys safety first - 5309816320
By JAmBer

And Extra Space To Boot!

bad puns cars trunk wtf - 5297582336
By Travistey Travis

Board? Go Biking!

bad puns bike rack cars towing - 5302374912
By Tall Tom

What a Hottea

bad puns cooling fan technology - 5294712064
By Unknown

The Simplicity Is Killer

bad puns bag dual use umbrella waterproof - 5295749632
By Unknown

So You Can Wash Your (Cue) Balls

bad puns holding it up sink - 5249964800
By fraudeath

No More Computer Bugs

bad puns computer dual use screen - 5239168256

Is Your Wireless Secured?

bad puns holding it up router security technology - 5219397376
By Unknown

I Hate Getting Boxed In

bad puns cardboard cars trunk - 5182710272
By Unknown

Somebody Blue This Job

bad puns Hall of Fame Professional At Work stupidity - 5206698496
By Unknown

A-Tack-ing The Problem

bad puns cars dual use holding it up tacks - 5182774272
By Mary

He Doesn't Look Pleased About This Fix

animals bad puns leash rope - 5129660672
By Autumn