funny stories of stupid tattoo mistakes | willieyobslayer Once had client call shop who crying 10 26 More hysterically because, according her had done her tattoo backwards took few minutes get her calm down point where realized she looking at mirror. She apologized and hung up.

Stupid Mistakes Tattoo Artists Witnessed

Always double check the spelling.
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creations that are skillfully made but weird and bad taste | road map carpet inside a car | porta potties stacked on top of each other and wrapped in Christmas lights

Impressive Creations Of Questionable Taste

Yeah, no, it's uh... good.
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Chairs that are artistic, interesting and strange | clear orange inflated chair gummy bear shaped | chair made out of a shopping cart with wheels attached.

Strange and Interesting Chairs

Are you sitting down?
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Tumblr explains that kool-aid dyes leather | KoofAid LIQuid gunmetalskies Here's life-hack Apparently concentrated Kool-Aid can be used as pretty effective leather dye making drink while cutting snaps off some new straps my pauldrons and got curious, so tried thinking ok even if this works will just wash out Nope.

Tumblr Discovers Kool-Aid Will Dye Leather

Looks potent.
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A clever graphic designer decides to troll a prospective client. | Hi, is this person looking graphic designer? Yes! Wow quick just put ad up 30 minutes ago. Well this biz early bird gets worm. Can tell little bit about project? Sure need logo an Italian restaurant my husband and are opening called Tomato Tomato s probably easier if can talk on phone, mind if give ring s no good at my current design job and would be taking this on as freelance job, so can't talk about other projects on company

Graphic Designer Trolls Prospective Client

That client's got a real dirty mind.
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impressive things people made that are still weird and bad | pink toilet built inside a matching armchair | bedazzled creepy clown ornament

Skillful Creations of Dubious Taste

Great job, but why?
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Tumblr responds to art snob's Mona Lisa comment | There is much controversy art world over question whether or not clean fragile Mona Lisa, but her sister has been restored and some fairly odd later alterations removed show original vibrant colors and lighting. Some details, such as sheerness her shawl and pattern on neckline her dress, have become utterly obscured original, but restored copy they're perfectly clear blows my mind little bit look at these two sisters side-by-side and imagine much

Tumblr Thread Comes Down on Uninformed Art Snob

Knowing is half the battle.
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Teacher's expert opinion ends up getting disproven | r/MaliciousCompliance u/ADrunkenScott 44d Join 1 17 9 3 5 My teacher called my work bad and my attitude even worse then got featured biggest art gallery country. L might not be right sub, my art teacher said wasn't good enough so worked my damn hardest prove him wrong is summary. Context:

Teacher's "Expert" Opinion Gets Gloriously Disproven

Teacher got schooled.
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Modeling for art can end up being a cold business | askfordoodles #this ain't some avant-garde titanic poly romance 's bunch individual sinking ships and one uncaring human-shaped ice burg branch-and-root ice burg being frozen solid because there are NEVER ENOUGH SPACE HEATERS. angryfishtrap an artist's model uni since paid better than any other student work position. Did life drawing class one semester, despite being an unheated old building winter evenings, because instructor decent fellow

Tumblr Thread: Modeling For Art Is A Cold Business

Suffer for your art.
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Student wins art contest to spite teacher | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/ADrunkenScott My teacher called my work bad and my attitude even worse then got featured biggest art gallery country. oC L might not be right sub, my art teacher said wasn't good enough so worked my damn hardest prove him wrong is summary. Context school go is well respected my country, so not uncommon venues request display students work or ask students sing live them. On occasion question largest art

Student Wins Art Contest to Spite Rude Art Teacher

Motivation can come from anywhere.
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Funny artist trolls choosing beggars with bad portraits | This one pencil drawing size? A4 size 07 August, 4:02 pm So want an a4 drawing graphite pencil photo? | Have finished drawing 09 August, 12:42 pm deserve this

Artist Trolls Patrons Who Demand Free Art

That's the stuff.
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Entitled person wants to trade church membership for art | If joined our church would pray would illuminate ur future w our prayers Tell Do painting our church, and will pray know u did painting about year ago our sister Why can't do one us and get saved while u can Are asking do painting free? Not free U know each member pays 20 their paycheck church each month. This'll be kind innitiation our great community think u really need

Entitled Woman Expects to Pay for Painting with Prayer

Might wanna pass on this opportunity.
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Entitled mom wants wall painted for free and doesn't get it | would cost about £65 just on travel cost alone £100 is my time Il do £65 And 's be being nice should be more than enough just paint some flowers on wall

Entitled Mom Demands Art for Cheap, Doesn't Get It

It never ends.
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weird things people tried selling on craigslist and facebook marketplace | Custom wood gym equipment $500 Listed over week ago Middletown, CT Send seller message Hello, is this still available? | picture some hands don't really know much about The Creation of Adam Michelangelo

Weird Stuff People Tried Selling Online

What a great value.
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Entitled parent demands artist hide painting where they can find it, gets rude | set out little miniature bob ross paintings around my tourist town people find and have an Instagram specifically project post about towns tourist page and people frequently request paintings be put out on certain dates but this is first | Hey can put picture out front Disney resort somewhere on August 7 text and let inow time will work. THX Aw glad like them but prefer folks find them organically paint them is

Entitled Parent Demands Public Artist Make Piece for Them

Who would even think to try this.
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Tumblr thread about Pokemon being drawn the sizes of the animals they are based on | sinnerbird im going start thread pokemon drawn sizes things theyre based on here start very-salty-popcorn very small boi enters

Tumblr Thread: Pokémon Drawn to Actual Scale

Huh, they really just look like colorful animals now.
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