People fill in the blanks with funny art prompt | Show drawing skills. suggestive pic of a man and a woman MS paint drawing so that it looks like the woman shouting while a priest holding a cross and a bible performs an exorcism

People Share Their Drawing Skills With Intriguing Prompt

Looks pretty wholesome from here...
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Funny doodles and sketches in textbooks | satanic ritual AED IAED AED AED AED | robotic dinosaur changes environment, floppy disks are heat, magnetism, dust, and other problems their sensitivities and because store so much medium or on computer system. Whatever decide. store original and copy away each other so same accident will not destroy both copies 4 An administrative assistant accesses control panel. Figure 7-15 Storage case disks. Cha intormation Manement 161 Coutey Kardes

Funny and Creative Textbook Doodles

We can't tell you to vandalize property, but we can say that these are pretty cool.
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A clueless choosing beggar demands artwork for free | iMessage Today 8:49 PM Yo wahts up brother ya been? hey, really sorry, who's this?

Choosing Beggar Demands Art For Free, Thinks Insults Will Work

No reasoning with this behavior.
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Graphic novel artist puts a fool in their place | Blake Northcott Follow @BlakeNorthcott Thank assessment my new graphic novel. Perhaps can help with some fact checking, though are not 'Trump bros Neither myself nor my cover artist have ever voted an American election Canadian, and artist is Italian 1 Generalissimo Justice is flying SDCC @QueenAnitaCox Imagine neckbeard INCELS basement Kentuckey creating this Everglade Angels comic Remember 90S Blake Tits were bigger then, draw them bigger Educa

Twitter Thread: Graphic Novel Artist Checks Fool

Job well done.
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Twitter thread about Sex Weasel symbolism in renaissance art | Chelsea Nichols @museumweirdo posted about this before, but never going stop until whole world knows about SEX WEASELS Renaissance art thread) | 16th century widely believed weasels conceived through their ears and gave birth through their mouth. This spawned whole language hidden sexual symbolism art, with weasels standing everything fertility talismans phallic symbols. 21 L788 O 1,560 Doo

Twitter Thread: Sex Weasels In Renaissance Art

You read that right. Sex weasels.
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A choosing beggar wants free art, and the artist gives them what they asked for. | Hi l'm huge fan work very good need draw my OC because good artist and like arts lot don't have money but would mean lot draw my OC free if ignore this then mean artist and wont be fan anymore. oh no so won't be fan anymore if don't draw OC free??

Choosing Beggar Wants Free Art, Artist Delivers Free Art, They Complain

Man, oh, man.
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Weird, bad, ugly and misspelled tattoo fails | tattoo down a spine that reads prome queen | angel's halo and the words dad's aingel

Regrettable Tattoos That Must Be Hard to Have

Oh man.
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Choosing beggar pesters an artist, so they respond with a hilariously terrible drawing | needs be drawn U can draw and my wife free not paying u since u arent registered don't draw free But u can draw practice If ever want practice and have no inspiration will message

Impatient Choosing Beggar Pesters Artist, Artist Handles It

Played it beautifully.
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A fun and educational Tumblr thread about an art world drama with Anish Kapoor | akamine-chan HAD NO FUCKING IDEA BEAN CREATED BY ANISH KAPOOR. solongstarbird someone help why is anish kapoor important did he do? gay-jesus-probably Alright sit down some Art World Drama bcause this is live So, sometime last year science invented Vantablack, which is darkest possible shade black. Art world got incredibly excited. But as needs be very carefully made lab s hard get hold and is extremely expensive.

Tumblr Thread: Art World's Most Loathed Elitist And His Bean

Anish Kapoor is a real piece of work.
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Stupid, bad and funny tattoo fails | If are stealing tattoo, don't copy nipple | tattoo of a wolf looking worried while howling in front of a full moon

Regrettable Tattoos as Memorable as they are Permanent

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Museum asks people to recreate art | Napoleon Crossing the Alps painting by Jacques-Louis David recreated by a man wearing a sombrero and a red blanket riding a person in a horse maks

Museum Asked People to Recreate Art and They Nailed It

Which is the forgery?
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Things movies keep getting wrong | ditchdiggergirl 15.8k points 2 days ago Pretty much any scene involves biologists Look DNA is perfect match as computer superimposes two identical graphics are basically just symbol DNA .

Stuff Movies Get Wrong and Don't Care to Correct

"Trust me, I'm a scientist."
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Awkward weird fail album covers | blonde woman touching her forehead to that of a ventriloquist dummy AMEN! RAINBOW BEVERLY SVETLANA GRUEBBERSOLVIK TAMIA MY LIPS ARE BLOWING woman playing a recorder

Weird and Awkward Album Covers

Not everyone's artistic vision is gonna hit the mark.
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Funny Tumblr thread about Powerpuff girls hands | tumblr post -m-e-t-h-y-s-t-r-o-s-e 's always kind funny Powerpuff Girls fanart, are drawn with fingers and noses and toes and stuff and 's like they legit don't have those canon s not just style choice, they actually don't have fingers and noses mean, apparently Buttercup just sticks her hand things pick them up S03E29 Criss Cross Crisis

Tumblr Thread Explains The Powerpuff Girls are Freaky Handless Monsters

So it's like, scripted that they look strange.
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Fun mailboxes that are made to look like other things | atm machine shaped like a game boy console. mail box shaped like a person riding a bike with the door situated on the butt

Weird and Cool Mailboxes that Deliver the Goods

Take that, normal mailboxes.
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People's funny and creative drawings of ducks | blank page with just a duck's beak and feet on it Draw duck and share art

People's Responses to the "Draw a Duck" Prompt

And on rare occasions, they drew ducks.
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