Weird and stupid DIY crafts and projects | soft cupboard utensils and plates stuffed in the slits in a block of foam | Upcyled Caterpillar Tailcoat sewed gloves trailing behind a long coat

Absurd and Potentially Horrible DIY Projects

Well, it's definitely unique.
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cool and interesting brickwork

Fancy Brickwork To Gawk At And Feel Unskilled Over

The one time "being as graceful as a brick" is a compliment.
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amazing creations of bad taste

Skillful Creations of Absurd Taste

No yeah, it's uh, good.
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mom demands refund from artist claiming demonic imagery

Mom Demands Refund From Artist After Discovering "Demonic" Imagery

Sure thing lady.
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dumb and bad first time tattoo stories

People's Worst and Dumbest First Tattoo Experiences

It's an artform.
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customer rejects work and wants it redrawn for less money, gets rejected

Customer Rejects Art, Demands It Be Redrawn, Gets Kindly Asked To Pound Sand

There were better ways to go about this.
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Karen customer wants vanity painted for cheap

Karen Doesn't Understand Why She Can't Buy Showpiece Or Why Work Costs Money

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funny classical art history memes

Art History Memes For The Highly Cultured Among Us

We're more cultured than yogurt.
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impressive creations of not good taste

Artful Creations of Dubious Taste

Quality is subjective, sort of.
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skillfully made and strange creations

Impressive Works of Highly Questionable Taste

Everyone has their thing.
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A collection of cool artistic engravings on trees.

Faces Carved Into Trees Is A Mystifying Spectacle

Pretty cool stuff.
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video of guy making art with a photocopier

Photocopier Artist Explains His Craft

Self expression at the hands of technology!
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Weird, WTF and strange creations that are well designed | tattoo of bobby from king of the hill as sailor moon | classic croc shoe carved out of cheese

Impressive Creations of Questionable Taste

There's no doubt that they're well made, but that's the only guarantee.
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ugly and bad tattoos

Really Not Super Great Tattoos

Hey, people can do what they want.
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Skillfully made but very weird creations | realistic human face made out of meat with olives for eyes | Chernobyl nuclear disaster snow globe

Skillful Creations of Questionable Taste

"No, it's good, but yikes."
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Internet bands together to go full on painting-ception mode. | My mom painted this and said no one would like s her 2nd painting. | painted somebody's mom Inception

Internet Unites To Go Full On Painting-Ception Mode

Just a bit trippy.
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