cool woodwork

Sweet Woodwork That's A Real Treet To Look At

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funny art history memes

Art History Memes To Pontificate Upon And Guffaw At Heartily

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opinion art cryptocurrency crypto bitcoin nft trending money - 514055

Why NFTs Are the Next Big Thing (If You’re A Complete Moron)

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pro revenge copyright art revenge digital theft - 16609285

Trending Topic: Digital Art Thief Gets Career Brutally Destroyed After He Infringes On an Artist's Work

Art theft has been on the rise due to NFTs and artists are striking back.
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twitter thread on abstract yankee candle smells

Twitter Thread: The Abstractions Of Yankee Candle Smells

When a smell becomes an idea, then a feeling.
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interesting and artistic creations with not much taste

Impressive Creations of Dubious Taste

People are definitely creative.
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amazing photoshop wins

26 Amazing Photoshops That Will Surprise Your Sister

Make sure to show these to her.
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Tumblr thread shines light on the real world benefits of the arts | mnwood have ever told y'all about greatest moment my academic career freshman college and had this history teacher who edgy~ and his hotness level on ratemyprofessor off charts and he first teacher ever heard use word "fuck anyway he would do this thing every so often where have quiz" and first two questions were

Tumblr Thread: Real World Benefits Of The Arts

Knowledge is never wasted.
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tattoos that turned scars into art

Tattoos That Transformed Scars And Birthmarks Into Works Of Art

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Weird and stupid DIY crafts and projects | soft cupboard utensils and plates stuffed in the slits in a block of foam | Upcyled Caterpillar Tailcoat sewed gloves trailing behind a long coat

Absurd and Potentially Horrible DIY Projects

Well, it's definitely unique.
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cool and interesting brickwork

Fancy Brickwork To Gawk At And Feel Unskilled Over

The one time "being as graceful as a brick" is a compliment.
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amazing creations of bad taste

Skillful Creations of Absurd Taste

No yeah, it's uh, good.
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mom demands refund from artist claiming demonic imagery

Mom Demands Refund From Artist After Discovering "Demonic" Imagery

Sure thing lady.
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dumb and bad first time tattoo stories

People's Worst and Dumbest First Tattoo Experiences

It's an artform.
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customer rejects work and wants it redrawn for less money, gets rejected

Customer Rejects Art, Demands It Be Redrawn, Gets Kindly Asked To Pound Sand

There were better ways to go about this.
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Karen customer wants vanity painted for cheap

Karen Doesn't Understand Why She Can't Buy Showpiece Or Why Work Costs Money

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