A collection of cheesy and downright irreverent moments from the Tinder world.

Irreverent, Sloppy, And Downright Shameless Tinder Moments

Oh Tinder, you strange, strange place.
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Woman googles her Tinder match and ends up forgetting that LinkedIn shows your viewing activity. | TIFU by Googling my Tinder match M This happened few months ago but resurfaced yesterday matched with this guy on Tinder back November and started talking hit off and after few weeks talking made plans go on date. Before our date wanted make sure this guy wasn't serial killer or anything so Googled his first name combined with some info about him on his profile.

Woman Googles Tinder Match, Forgets LinkedIn Shows Viewing Activity

The embarrassment must've been painful.
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A collection of funny and weird moments from various Tinder users. | MATCHED WITH BILLY ON 23/12/2020. Alex is boys name Billy is goats name

Funny, Irreverent, And Bizarre Tinder Gems

Dating apps are a trip.
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A collection of 2020's funniest and cheesiest Tinder moments. | Today 09:04 convinced swipe right, Katie? Today 09:50 Desperation ?

2020's Funniest And Cheesiest Tinder Moments

This year gave us a lot to work with.
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A collection of funny, cringeworthy, and ridiculous moments from Tinder users | Karen MATCHED WITH KAREN ON 12/31/18 so cute 's sKaren Yesterday 2:48 AM Huh Today 8:59 PM tried make pun out name but guess didn't Karenough notice Sent Today 9:51 PM

Inspiring And Discouraging Tinder Wins And Fails

Sometimes people really find love on Tinder.
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A collection of funny, cheesy, and crude pickup lines from people on Tinder | Makenna MATCHED WITH MAKENNA ON 10/9/20 not gonna lie l'm not fan bio bro now PLAYING: Who asked (Feat: Nobody)

Tinder Pickup Lines That Had Zero Shame

It's almost impressive in its own right.
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A collection of funny moments from different people on Tinder | And see Marvel fan if told currently speaking superman would tell Superman is DC. Gesendet

Shameless, Strange, And Funny Tinder Moments

Some pickup lines actually work.
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A collection of funny and awkward moments from the world of Tumblr | are looking on here? Today 11:31 PM Someone Venmo School haha Why don't get job? Sent text messages texting

Bellyflops, Wins, And Plain Awkward Tinder Moments

Tinder has a bottomless well of cheesy pickup lines.
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Guy makes a PowerPoint presentation for his Tinder match, and it goes well | live Chicago D: noooo0o don't read people's little profiles do Hey. do. just forgot lol look dumb now loi lol Haha sorry text messages

Guy Creates PowerPoint Presentation For Tinder Match

Guy's got next level Tinder game.
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A collection of funny and awkward moments from various Tinder users | profile Rat, 35 My name is Ray and can't change SHARE RAT'S PROFILE SEE FRIEND THINKS | Can solve Rubik's cube less than 12 seconds? No way Okay good neither can Just wanted make sure wouldn't be intimidated by Haha okay good Okay sweet dating now 's tinder works Or so told Lol ok but don't think my boyfriend would like No fine with

Totally Random And Hilarious Tinder Moments

Tinder is the gift that keeps on giving.
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A collection of funny moments from people on Tinder | Today 6:20 pm Busy* Can I get busy with iusy Your not good with spelling Yo

Cheesy, Strange, And Funny Tinder Moments

Tinder never fails to keep it absurd.
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A collection of funny moments from the ridiculous world of Tinder | Lauren Yesterday 's evening s must have on my checklist have job house and car and 's must be 6ft P Report Today Hello meet all those requirements s must on my checklist have 9 months cash reserves case an emergency debt/income ratio less than 30 and put at least 20 income into tax advantaged retirement account also require C-cups or bigger | Hey, quick question? If could have one super power would be hmmmm Invisibility Wed, Jun

Totally Random, Strange, And Hilarious Tinder Gems

Never change, Tinder.
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A collection of funny and bizarre moments from various people on Tinder | Nargis MATCHED WITH NARGIS ON 6/11/20 Hey do work at subway? Today 10:44 PM PLEASE don't say cause got foot long or something Today 11:18 PM No l'm genuinely asking if do cuz thought might have saw working one near my work. Lol. So do u? Lol no don't 's strange just gave foot long Sent

Funny Tinder Moments That Had No Shame

Yay, more Tinder gems.
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A collection of funny moments from various people on Tinder | ive been freindzoned so many times lol would be open rp? roleplay? yes ok be level 9 Druid/half elf cast fireball do respond? oh ment like erotic rp sorry cast SEXY FIREBALL | Sunday 10:01 PM If had warning label would yours say? Today 5:54 PM Product contains nuts k but can't imagine mature adult saying is idea mature adult someone who is able respond various circumstances an appropriate manner Girl question literally had no favorabl

Silly, Cheesy, And Funny Tinder Moments

Tinder's a wild world.
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A collection of funny and strange moments from people on Tinder | MATCHED WITH ON 9/20/17 please roast Girl u look roasted enough amazing Today 1:36 AM Roast back Today 2:05 AM did 2 say 9 Please roast hahaha Sent | So wear socks 99.9 time? Based on percentage, if there are 1440 minutes 1 day, 1438.56 minutes would be 99.9 day. Which means. Unless take less than 1 minute and 44 seconds shower have revealed fact, shower with socks on. Is this true? Sent

Weird, Hilarious, And Raunchy Tinder Gems

Tinder always delivers.
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Guy bullies Tinder match, she gets back at him months later | r/ProRevenge u/donotfuckwfatty 3y JOIN 4 Sometimes customer is wrong unrelated reasons Due well my friends def not an axe murderer" date recommendations drying up have turned most sacred modern relationship institutions: online dating. As very busy person trying get with other very busy people prize honestly and directness above all else comes profile creation include full body shots my photos, try minimize use MySpace angles selfies,

Senseless Tinder Jerk's Antics Catch Up With Him

Evan had it coming.
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