Guy on Tinder writes a sonnet about first love | Emilia 12:27 AM sonnet about first love 1:18 AM nice, nonironic ask. Subject matter's adorable, so here: She places hand chest with heart -blaze, Each halting thump dance heat and joy. No other one could brighten up her days, Delightful nights' embrace with caring boy. No earthly sight as great as she him, Undressing nude morning bedside light.

Guy's Tinder Game Is A Modern Marvel

It's all downhill from here.
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A collection of funny, strange, and awkward moments from Tinder | MATCHED WITH 14/04/2020 Today 20:20 No l'm not snack machine Actually referring chess board moving piece so could make move queen Sent | Are lightning? Cuz wanna make McQueen hi obvisouly no linger interested communicating with after message, but writing let know, entirely own sake need do better or no girl will ever seriously reply GIF Type message V.

Funny, Strange, And Cheesy Gems From The Tinder World

Tinder is too much fun.
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A collection of wins and fails from various people on Tinder | Ravioli 26 Ravioli at Ravioli O Boyardee 8 Ravioli O 30 miles away Just piece ravioli looking be less ravilonely. My Anthem KRUSTY Krusty Krab Pizza Song Spongebob Squ KTOB PILZA SONG Ting Tong | Going through my matches before delete them. Worth keeping or not? Today 9:23 pm Nah babe got mad issues Sent

Tinderers That Kept Things Totally Absurd

Tinderers gonna Tinder.
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A collection of funny Tinder moments from various people using the app | IMy Bill, 69 O Handy Man Lives Mount WASHING less than mile away single atractive man looking woman cook supper ain't got time no games because work and only have time hanky panky ok woman chose must be fisically fit too, because am pretty much clidesdale ok don't want kids so don't be asking make baby Karen. Macironi and cheese is my favorite food but not Kraft ok. Thanks have Lebaron and Hall and Oats make good music.

Tinder Gems From The Silly World Of Swipes

Tinderers are persistent.
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Guy on Tinder only uses GIFs, and ends up getting girl's phone number | MATCHED WITH ON 4/1/20 Wazzup? Yesterday 5:43 PM HEY THERE | Yesterday 6:21 PM DOIN? Yesterday 7:15 PM PRETTY PRETTY GOOD

Tinder Dude Only Talks In GIFs, Gets Girl's Number

That's one way to get results.
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AskReddit replies to people's most ridiculous Tinder horror stories | Geeseinfection 6h 3 Awards This guy asked if would be interested dating his dad.

People's Tinder Horror Stories

Tinder brings it out of people.
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A collection of wins and fails from different people on Tinder | Rachel, 20 1 mile away active 14 minutes ago About Rachel tbh just want get some free chipotle out this | Samantha, 21 7 miles away Active 1 day ago Standing tall at 5'2 want do adult things with whispers* taxes *panting softly* pay mortgage *moans* make sure turned off all lights, our utility bill fucking $300 this month

Tinder Triumphs And Failures Of Epic Proportions

So many swipes, so little time.
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A collection of wins and fails from various people on Tinder | text messages texting Honestly out all curves smile is my favorite Awwww xx

Tinder Wins And Fails From The World's Cheesiest Romantics

All hope is not lost in the world of online dating.
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A collection of funny wins and fails from various people on Tinder | text messages chatting 's cheesy pickup line hate this made actually laugh out loud never tried before so l'm glad can put one success bucket

Tinder Gems Of Silly, Immature, And Hilarious Proportions

Tinder keeps generating those comedy gems.
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Girl gives a guy on Tinder her number and pictures of rocks ensue | dylan Details This one is watermelon lol watermelon looks sick know right Check this out will love this photo of a man's hand holding up a cool colorful rock

Girl On Tinder Gives Guy Number, Rock Pics Ensue

This guy's Tinder game rocks.
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Funny moments on Tinder that kept us entertained | kristi Today 07:03 So l've got know, did accidentally swipe right? Today 11:48 porter not gonna sugar coat yes Thanks honesty appreciate Sent

Weird Moments In The World Of Tinder

Tinder is a strange place to find a connection.
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Moments between people on Tinder that were immature, cheesy, and actually awesome | Hey 's up 's like being truck do mean not truck lol Profile pictures don't lie. Lol have other pics than my truck lol but do love my truck 's truck would say | Knock knock Who's there Hatch Hatch who Bless sorry my allergies have been killing lately should take some vitamin

Tinder Moments Of Immature, Cheesy, And Wonderful Proportions

Curveballs left and right.
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Tinder users that either won or failed at using the dating app | MATCHED WITH MAGEN ON 1/30/20 Heyy beautiful Sent Today 6:59 PM Heyy semi attractive

Tinderers That Struck Gold Or Struck Out

The world of Tinder is full of surprises.
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A collection of fails, wins, and pickup lines from various people on Tinder | tweet by Yoni Gootgarts OfficialYoniG Today sat next girl on bus and watched her swipe left on on tinder

Tinder Jokes, Fails, And Wins From The Dystopian Dating World

Never know what you might right swipe into on Tinder.
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Woman claps back against rude guy on dating app with an insult of her own | Damn are stunning but afraid spend more time drinking/partying/on Insta than relationship lol absolutely right, Rob. lol who says cant judge someone based off couple pics haha

Woman Claps Back At Rude Guy On Dating App

You fail, Rob.
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A collection of wins and fails from various people on the Tinder dating app | Say potato if real Today happens if say tomato Then l'll know has advanced too far

Tinder Fails And Wins From The World's Lot Of Hopeless Romantics

Good old Tinderers are determined to find love or just troll people with terrible pickup lines.
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