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Viral Image of Insane Sign Promises Customers a Bounty For Turning In Employees

This viral image has drawn the ire of the internet.
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Internet Irate, Mother Written-Up At Work For Attending Son's Emergency Surgery

This mother was written up for attending her son's emergency surgery, and the company she works for has drawn the ire of the internet. It all came to a head when her son notified her on a Friday that he was going in for surgery on his ACL the following Wednesday and would need someone to care for him. His mother wanted and needed to be that person. She works as a dental hygienist and attempted to give the workplace notification of her need to take time off the following week. Her work refused t…
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Internet Steaming Over Employer's New Phone Policy in This Viral Thread

The internet has erupted in outrage over this employer's decision to instate a new phone policy where the workers have to relinquish their personal phones for inspection since they use them for “work-related things." Now, it's bad enough that they are forcing them to use their phone for work purposes… You should never have to own devices to complete your work (unless there is some specific scenario that necessitates that.) You would think that the more logical conclusion here would be to provid…
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Manager Told to Cut Hours to Impossible Amount, "Cuts" Their Own Hours When They Walk Out

This manager found their workload increased dramatically when their co-manager was fired for a ridiculous reason. They then found themselves having to operate the entire store, which was rife with unique issues. The boss continued to be pettier and pettier. When they finally hired a replacement co-manager they expected the manager to “cut their hours” immediately. Which led to the titular confrontation. This thread was posted to r/MaliciousCompliance by the manager in the story, Redditor u/A-St…
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Food Service Worker Fired For Refusing to Come in to Work While Sick, Had Doctor's Note

This fast-food worker sent their sick note to their boss to let them know that they would not be at work that day. To their surprise their boss texted them back, telling them that they needed to find someone to cover their shift or still work it themselves.
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Company Asks Employee For Help a Month After Laying Them Off

Like having your partner break up with you and then hit you up for a booty call a few weeks later.
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Graphic Designer Receives Scathing Email From Ex-Boss When She Quits on First Day After Being Told to Steal Art

Sometimes you miss glaringly obvious red flags during the interview process. Sometimes the interviewer is entirely dishonest about what you can expect to find in your new role. Then, once you start working, you are suddenly faced with the horrifying reality of what you just signed on for. The best thing to do at this point is to walk away and not fall into the losing game that is the “sunk cost fallacy." If you're getting that feeling in your stomach that early on then you will be doing everyon…
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Internet Convinces Employee to Quit After Bad Boss Steals Tips

This employee signed on to work at a pizza place in Washington State, despite all of the red flags they could see during the interview and hiring process. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by the employee, a Redditor who has since deleted their account information to hide their identity and cover their tracks to help avoid backlash from the employer in relation to the post. Posts like this can be a considerable risk to the poster, and it's not uncommon for things like this…
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Viral Thread: Employee Lives the Dream, Suspended From Work For a Meme

Suspended? More like a two-week paid holiday!
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Boss Fires Employee Then Asks Them to Cover a Shift on Easter

That's gonna be a no from me dawg.
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Contractor Told to Attend "Mandatory" Meeting, Declines, Told to Answer Phone, Declines Again

This contractor was told that they had to attend a meeting by the company that they contracted. The issue was that the company had insisted that they sign them on as a contractor rather than an employee, and there wasn't anything in the contract dictating that they had to attend meetings. This was initially posted on Twitter by the contractor, @birdrespecter, before being shared to and going viral on Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit. The concerned workers of r/antiwork were highly supportive of th…
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Viral Thread: Employee Seeking Raise to Go With Their Promotion is Immediately Terminated

They were just hoping he would look the other way.
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Two-Part Story: Boss Fires Employee in Cruel April Fool's Prank, Employee Complains, Boss Gets Fired For Real

Another graduate from the "Michael Scott School of Business Management"
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Internet Thread Puts "Toxic" Trend On Blast, People Ask Delivery Drivers to Draw on Boxes and Fulfill Special Requests

Just fun and games? Or exploitation?
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Boss Confiscates Employees Lunch Break as Punishment, They Quit

I know, I know… “Why the heck is there a referee on the thumbnail? What's that got to do with anything?” For some reason, the idea of having your lunch confiscated by your boss just evoked the image of an umpire calling someone out on strikes. I, uh, couldn't find a usable image of an umpire, so I went for a referee instead. So now I would answer that same question as, “For some reason, the idea of having your lunch confiscated by your boss just evoked the image of a referee drawing a red card.…
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"Fun Police" Boss Declares Fun Illegal, Posts Tone Deaf Poster in Break Room

The "Minion" meme is the worst part.
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