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Viral Thread: Boss Fires Confused Employee Via Email, Twenty Minutes After Closing With Them

An employee closed with their manager, who said nothing out of the ordinary to them but sent an email 20 minutes later telling them that they were being let go from their position.
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Teacher Quits on the Spot When Their Boss Tells Them "You Can Quit at Any Time"

This story of malicious compliance was posted to the r/maliciouscompliance subreddit by Redditor u/Public_Pressure_4516, who shared the story of their compliance. “I wish corporate and HR would look into why so many employees are leaving,” commented Proud_Positive_2998. "But we had the same thing where I worked and both hid their heads in the sand." “Sadly, it's become a fact of life that there will always be 'attrition rates',” replied Andravisia. “They just budget for it, rather than making a…
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Female Machinist Learns She's Making Less Than the New Hire She's Training, Internet Seething

Commenters explained that the current job market will be causing multiple instances of this to happen as older employees miss out on the more competitive rates new hires are earning. Others shared their own experiences. “As someone who's also worked in a handful of machining shops, good on you," commented Satirical0ne. "Many places these days will try to screw you if you let them and then try to dangle the job in front of your face. I'm glad to hear that you were able to find somewhere to pay m…
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Insane Company Policy Revokes Tips and Reduces Wages of Outgoing Employees

That's just coercion...
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Good Guy Employer Gives Unexpected Raises to Match Salaries of New Hires, Internet Applauds

This employer is doing something right!
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Insane Manager Tells Mother She Can't Miss Work to Stay With Her Dying Child, Gets Fired

Commenters say she was fired shortly after this went viral.
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IT Manager Explains to Clueless Directors Why Abolishing WFH is Causing Staff to Leave

It's time companies started coming to terms with this.
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Unlucky Employee Finds HIS Job Listed Online, Owner Secretly Looking to Replace Them

That's rough, buddy.
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School Promises to "Provide Dinner" For Teacher Appreciation Week, Gives Them Uncooked Spagetti in a Bag

These teachers were promised that they would have dinner provided to them during teacher appreciation week. Normally such an offered gesture brings to mind images of a home-cooked or catered meal. Instead, teachers were delivered plastic bags containing the barest store-brand basics that might help one to cook a pot of spaghetti (some assembly required.) The image has gone viral prompting bewildered and outraged responses online. The images were posted to the popular r/ antiwork subreddit by Re…
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Company Tries to Tell Employee That They Need to Approve Their Resignation

When this employee submitted their resignation their boss told HR that they wanted to approve the date of resignation. This puzzling scenario has readers scratching their heads over the situation. This short thread was posted to Reddit's r/ antiwork subreddit by the employee, Redditor u/Dogmom200. They explain that they Others shared their stories and experiences surrounding HR departments that have entirely missed the mark, even when it comes to something as simple as a resignation. The great…
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Guy Gives Notice to Job, Company Revokes All PTO

A disgruntled worker shared this experience to Reddit's r/ antiwork subreddit, claiming that their employer had refused to honor their accrued PTO once they handed in their notice. They had thought that they were doing the correct and honorable thing by giving their notice to their employer but felt that this had just come back to bite them. The relationship between an organization and its workers is built upon trust. Once that trust is betrayed by a worker/workers it's completely fair that the…
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Owner Sends Insane Email After Kitchen Staff Walk Out

This email has gone viral online after it was posted to the popular r/ antiwork subreddit. The thread was posted to Reddit' s growing subreddit that deals with the issues surrounding worker's rights. It consisted of screenshots that were allegedly sent by an employer in response to a walkout that was orchestrated by the kitchen staff of the establishment that the sender owns and operates. Toxic workplaces are often put on blast on the popular subreddit. Another recent thread saw users commentin…
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IT Specialist Automates Entire Job, Does Job in Ten Minutes A Day

This poster claims to have set up a remote workstation for their tech job. And “in about a week” they were able to “write, debug, and perfect a simple script that performed [their] entire job.”
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Karen Boss Forbids Everyone From Touching Her Chair With This Insane Sign

It's not unusual for people to be protective of their possessions in a workplace setting. In a generally shared space things have a tendency to go missing, and when those things are essential for completing your required daily tasks tracking them down can be a bit rage-inducing. Just ask any mechanic who has had sales staff all-up in their workshop tampering with the carefully organized chaos of their workstation. Like Milton with his red Swingline stapler, if one more thing goes missing they m…
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Internet Users Are Applauding This Worker's Story About Finding a New Role

This viral thread saw readers voicing their support for this worker who managed to find themselves a new role that offered a 30% increase in pay. Their decision to make a change came after their coworkers made clear to them just how valuable of an asset they were to the company. This thread was shared on Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by Redditor u/lolwutRNB. They posted the thread with the title “My employer has been undervaluing me for years and I finally got to see them sweat after putting my…
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Employer Tells New Mother to Submit Her Resignation, She's Not Going Anywhere

The internet is incensed over this viral thread.
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