dumb people who think they're geniuses

Insufferable Narcissists Who Believe They're Geniuses

Dude, just chill.
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scams normalized by society

Scams That Have Been Normalized By Society

They done got us good.
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bad coworkers people had to deal with

Horrible Coworkers People Had to Endure

Why make work even worse?
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A collection of the most annoying things that people say to sound smart.

Most Annoying Things People Say To Sound Intelligent

Enough is enough.
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entitled people and their horrible antics

Entitled People and Their Absurd Games

It never ends.
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annoying, frustrating and imperfect images

Annoying Images of Sloppiness and Frustrating Imperfection

Why can't everything be perfect!
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cringeworthy people who believe they're smart

Bragging Brain Lords Who Believe They're Geniuses

And they're here to clog up the comments section.
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A woman reports her nightmare neighbors, and then they end up getting a $500 fine.

Woman Reports Nightmare Neighbors, Righteous Fine Ensues

She was backed up against a corner.
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Music neighbors FAIL annoying revenge ridiculous loud Video - 106824449

Guy's Neighbor Payback Prank Is Merciless

Maybe too far.
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Guy's washer breaks locking clothes inside, company refuses to pay for clothes unless they see them.

Customer Experiences Logical Paradox of Wet Clothes Stuck In Broken Washer

It's like customer service Kafka.
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good cheap things that got ruined by rich people

Good Stuff That Got Ruined By Money and Popularity

This is why we can't have nice things.
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Customer demands exactly one pound of cake, gets angry

One Pound Cake Karen Furious After Getting What She Wants

The customer is always wrong.
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People who mistakenly believed satirical news | THEHARDTIMES.NE Friends Tearfully Loot Gamer's Corpse at Funeral Pay Respects Nobody should be touching deceased persons belongings other than next kin is HUGE disrespect family. Doesnt matter sign respect supposedly shows s not spectators decide or do. this is satire article lol

Sorely Mistaken People Not Getting Satire

It's funny, but also kinda sad.
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Entitled mom wants free seashells but can't get them so she freaks out | 'l leave them out now bag on doorstep, take them whenever. Shoot. Darn s about 40 minutes away don't suppose there's anyway could meet half way don't really leave area here as 8 months pregnant and with COVID going on. But if ever area just let know and if they're still available l'll leave them out

Entitled Mom Loses It Over Free Seashells

"I want them, so bring them to me."
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movies that would have ended sooner if characters weren't stupid

Movies That Would Be Way Shorter If Characters Were Reasonable

It's like every movie has an eyeroll moment.
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annoying and unrealistic movie details that people hate

Unrealistic Movie Details That Won't Stop Being Annoying

They just never fix it.
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