mortgage company charges stupid convenience fee, customer fights back

Company Charges Nonsensical Convenience Fee, Customer Makes Things Even Less Convenient

Corporate greed never changes.
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privacy wtf annoying mother relationships lol prank funny trick - 16235269

Woman Hides Weird Self-Affirmations To Prank Fiancé's Snooping Mom

Sometimes parents just want to help. Sometimes parents just want to help too much. But sometimes that's all just a cover. Sometimes moms be snoopin'. And this lady decided that she should make fun of a snoopin' mom by throwing some extra bombshells into the daily affirmations. This isn't the only way someone has tricked a nosy mom. Here's this snooping mother-in-law who got tricked with a decoy key
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frustrating wtf job annoying retail work Memes funny - 16233989

Retail Memes To Stay On Top Of The Struggle

What can we say about working retail that hasn't already been screamed into the face of someone making 12 dollars an hour. Sometimes it feels like your whole job is just to be a meat-sack for red-faced anger-dads and bob-cutted shoe urchins to scream at because your boss didn't order enough cardigans in “yo momma” size. Seriously, where do these douche-yachts get off. Here are some more retail memes and tweets to portray the struggle.
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funny memes about school

School Memes For The Mostly Educated

This will be on the test.
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boyfriend tantrum annoying lol ridiculous vegan food - 16197125

Boyfriend Throws Tantrum Over Vegan Cake At Vegan's Birthday

If you go to the birthday party of your vegan girlfriend, and her friend, a professional vegan baker, is bringing a cake, you don't exactly have a lot of leg to stand on when you don't like the cake. Also, it's fine to not like the cake. But even if you had regular birthday cake that sucked, you probably wouldn't act out about it like this dude did. Also, how does this guy not like Oreos? For some more food drama, here's the dude who organized a beef wellington dinner just to have some of the g…
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unspoken rules of society and politeness

Unspoken Rules That People Don't Seem To Get

Some of us need a review.
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behavior frustrating school annoying smart family sister genius - 16170757

Gifted Sister Gets Wake-Up Call On Her Rudeness

Who would think that separating kids in school by reading level could result in some of those kids becoming huge jerks to their own peers? Kids are all basically sociopaths anyway, so giving a talented one a tangible reason to be an ass isn't exactly gonna help their social development in the long run. The internet weighed in on this sibling giving their sister the straight facts about her attitude toward other people. For another one like this, here's the condescending genius brother who final…
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guy refuses to drive, is mad at girlfriend for getting him driving lessons

Guy Angry His Girlfriend Bought Him Driving Lessons, Can't See Writing On Wall

C'mon man.
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Tumblr takes apart young adult dystopian fiction

Tumblr Breaks Down Young Adult Dystopian Fiction

Alright, so it is kind of a formula.
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Customer returns tons of chicken, makes money off employees | O r/TalesFromRetail Posted by u/ShenaniganXD 6 days ago 3 Lady returns 150pcs fried chicken Medium So few years back worked large retail/grocery company. And like most grocery stores have deli section working returns desk, which still fairly new at, and customer rolls up with cart had two cardboard boxes full half eaten fried chicken don't think ever seen much fried chicken before.

Employees Get Bamboozled by Chicken Lady

Oh she got them good.
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kids making mistakes and being dumb

28 Decent Reasons Not To Have Children

Congratulations, it's a problem.
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overly romanticized things in media

People Share Things That Get Overly Romanticized In Media

Living paycheck to paycheck isn't "a blast."
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13 reddit text images discussion woman annoyed with men posting fake dog pics in dating profiles | thumbnail " wish men would stop putting fake dog pictures in their dating profile I'm on Hinge, and I think this is my third in a row click on a guy who has multiple pictures of himself with a dog, who actually doesn't own that dog.THEN, I get to talking, and say what's your dogs name? And they admit that they don't have a dog,"

Doggo Loving Woman Is Fed Up With Men Putting Fake Dog Pictures In Their Dating Profiles

Cat-fishing doggo style?
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funny memes about working retail jobs | ellesse @ellyellyelly_ *item won't scan* customer: guess 's free then ha ha ha my mind: GUesS iTz fr3E tH3N Ha!!hA! haAhH | Retail workers just trying survive Mariah Carey This isn't meme 's cry help "All Want Christmas is played every fifteen minutes

Retail Memes For The Customer-Weary

Retail is war.
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times people missed jokes

Oblivious People Who Seriously Missed The Joke

Think about it.
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14 text based reddit images aita naming dog same name as niece | thumbnail "Fast forward and my SIL is pregnant and finds out it is a girl. We are all so excited and happy and wondering about the name and she said Maybeline. I didn't really think much of it at the spot but I did make a comment about how that is what my puppy will be called. "

Entitled SIL Steals Puppy Name For Baby, Asks Sis To Pick Different Name For Puppy

Entitled people, entitled people as far as the I can see
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