Entitled work Karen demands everyone else wake up early because it's convenient for her | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/ZoiSarah 1 day ago Everyone MUST join work call regardless working hours? Sure! oc M company worked is global, offices all over globe wasn't often, but expected if were needed on call outside business hours make arrangements join; typically crazy one- off scenario where they needed find an urgent timeslot single call sounds awful but really infrequent and most folks were ve

Work Karen Makes Everyone Get Up for 4 AM Meeting

Time zones can be a pain.
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thread of neighbor dog walking debacle form reddit | thumbnail "Being short on time and being physically challenged are two entirely different things. I can kind of see asking the first time, but when you said no, she should have left it alone. 6 Reply 1 1.3k 3 + dogwalker-aita OP · 1d I don't fault her for asking the first time, i'd probably ask too if I was in her shoes - but yea, she really should have just taken the no. she's always trying to come up with different excuses as to"

Man Walks Elderly Neighbor's Dog As A Favor, Younger Neighbor Aggressively Salty

A neighborhood debacle
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Company won't fix spelling mistake so customer refuses to pay a stranger's bill, gets fixed

Company Won't Correct Misspelled Name So Customer Refuses To Pay, Gets Corrected Instantly

"I refuse to pay the bill of this stranger."
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Ridiculous customer waits their time for pennies | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Wraith347 7 hours ago Cuss out over pennies? Oh get pennies. oc M Longtime lurker, so thought share my favorite story my time foodservice, years and years ago shy, quiet 15-year-old first started working at certain fast food restaurant my small town. Then encountered general public. Many morning rush customers were super kind regulars who got know and liked. But then there Penny Guy.

Demanding Customer Wastes Their Own Time for Four Cents

Some customers can't be reasoned with.
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annoying images of inconvenient and frustrating things

Annoying, Inconvenient and Infuriating Things That Just Aren't Right

It doesn't take much to inspire resentment.
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people's stories of their worst neighbors

The Worst Neighbors People Have Experienced.

It literally hits too close to home.
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entitled customers in restaurants and stores

Entitled Customers And Their Monstrously Bold Antics

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neighbors want guy to build house for their property values

Neighbors Demand Dude Build A House To Increase Their Property Value

Good old neighbors.
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people who didn't understand jokes

Misguided Individuals Who Aggressively Didn't Get Jokes

Yeah, they're the dumb one.
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rage frustrating wtf cooking annoying friends angry story entitled vegan food - 15485445

Houseguest Demands Labor Intensive Vegan Meal, Isn't Even Vegan

Oh come on man.
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frustrating double standards

Bone-Jarringly Frustrating Double Standards

Where's the justice, man?
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phrases that people can't stand

Phrases That People Absolutely Can't Stand

Get outta here with that nonsense.
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customer rejects work and wants it redrawn for less money, gets rejected

Customer Rejects Art, Demands It Be Redrawn, Gets Kindly Asked To Pound Sand

There were better ways to go about this.
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social customs that are absurd now

Social Conventions That People Are Tired Of

Some things we do don't exactly make sense.
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entitled people

Entitled People Who Decided To Make The World A More Miserable Place

Great work, everyone.
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A collection of completely normal words that annoy people to no end.

Completely Normal Words That Annoy People To No End

Some words grind the gears like none other.
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