funny good ideas

Mostly Pretty Good Ideas From Brilliant Geniuses

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
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dumb advice

The Worst Advice People Ever Received

"Computers are a fad honey, the real money is in typewriters."
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funny bad life hacks and stupid tips

Bad And Dumb Pro Tips To Really Jack Up One's Life

Ah, "advice."
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Women dish on the various things that men do that they don't think are attractive at all.

Women Dish On The Things Men Do That Aren't Attractive At All

Definitely steer clear of all of this kind of attitude.
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cooking tips from chefs

Advice From Chefs To Be Moderately Okay At Cooking

With enough time and effort, anyone can be sort of alright at cooking.
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relationship deal breakers

Dudes Share Their Relationship Deal Breakers

That's a deal breaker, sweetie.
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funny bad marriage advice

Hilariously Bad Marriage Advice To Not Follow

Good luck out there.
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Man describes 10 things that he learned from 20 years of marriage.

Man Shares 10 Things He Learned From 20 Years Of Marriage

Marriage can sure teach you a lot.
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A funny Twitter thread about the best and worst advice that people ever received from their dads.

Twitter Thread: Best And Worst Advice That Dads Gave

Some dads are sillier than others.
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Tumblr thread provides advice on dealing with intrusive thoughts | bulbubsaur Pretend ur invasive self hating thoughts r being said u by 13 y/o boy on xbox live trying get rise out like girlfriend dumped because ugly s nice tim isn't past ur bedtime autistictesla also, if have intrusive violent thoughts, pretend they're being said u by an annoying backseat driver "drive into pole" thanks karen or could not do

Supportive Tumblr Thread On Dealing With Invasive Thoughts

A helpful exercise in working through invasive thought patterns.
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polite ways for making people stop talking

Polite-ish Ways To Tell Someone To Shut Up

All conversations must end.
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funny stupid bad advice

Dubious Pro Tips of Questionable Origin

Don't do these things.
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small inexpensive products that made people's lives better | outlaw-gentleman 11 days ago 2 3 cheap microwave and coffee maker my work van have an inverter my tools use run them. Hot coffee and hot lunches make huge difference, especially on bad days.

Small Things That Improved People's Lives Drastically

Sometimes you realize all you needed was a table.
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funny, bad and dumb advice | Chess tip: Always sit opposite mirror so can sneak look at opponent's pieces | Tech tip people who aren't as tech-savvy as press h button on keyboard get lower-case h. But if want an upper-case h? Easy! Just go wikipedia page on horses, copy upper-case h and paste into document. Problem solved W Article Talk WIKIPEDIA Free Encyclopedia Horse Fi py Ctrl+C Search Google H" Main page Print. Ctrl+P tion Contents

Stupid Life Pro Tips That Are Bad Ideas at Best

They're kind of bad ideas!
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bad and dumb money advice people got | kor_hookmaster 32.9k points 19 hours ago One my uncles once told never really had pay my phone bill. He suggested simply jump another carrier and let first company cut off. His life has turned out exactly as imagine.

The Dumbest Financial Advice People Have Gotten

Don't do this.
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street smarts tips | datacollect_ct 28.4k points 1 day ago 7 5 3 3 3 E If are any sort confrontation and someone balls their fist and looks away second, or even just looks away second should be prepared possibility sucker punch.

Street Smarts Tips to Stay Safe Out There

It's a big world.
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