strange but effective advice

People Share Their Weirdest Yet Strangely Effective Advice

If it works it works.
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popular survival myths

Survival Myths That Could Be More Deadly To Follow Than Not

Oh cool, confusion.
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street smarts

Street Smart Tips To Help Stay Safe Out There

It's a big world.
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signs someone is romantically interested

Obvious Signs That Someone Is Romantically Interested

We're all doin' our best out here.
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bad, stupid funny life hacks and life pro tips

Dumb Life Pro Tips To Help Achieve Worse Outcomes

Solid advice.
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ridiculous and stupid life pro tips

Bad Life Pro Tips To Really Jack Up One's Game

Don't do these.
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job red flags

Job Red Flags To Look Out For At A New Workplace

It's a jungle out there.
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bad horrible wtf signs relationships advice breakup red flag - 16130309

Glaring Red Flags That Made People Dip Out Of Relationships

Relationships are all about give and take. And that doesn't mean “I give them all my passwords and they take all my money.” These people had some pretty straightforward signs that the person they were seeing was untrustworthy, dangerous or straight up goofy, and made the right choice to run. There are better options than being miserable. For some more wild behavior, here are reasons people didn't go on a second date.
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therapist interesting helpful advice mental health - 16114437

Therapist's Unconventional Answer Is Meaningful Motivation Advice

One common problem people often run into is a freezing kind of fear or complete lack of motivation when it comes to completing everyday tasks. It's easy to be discouraged when looking for a perfect solution, but being able to break those thinking habits can be crucial to doing the things you need to get done in your life. Here's a man's meaningful vulnerable thread about mental health.
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nature myths warning tips survival help advice dangerous - 16113157

Survival Myths That Are Wrong And Potentially Fatal

There is a whole lot of bad advice out there. And not just financial or relationship advice. Literal survival advice. And that's the most basic thing. So here is some clarification to dispel some of the more popular survival myths that people like to propagate. And to increase your odds even more, here are some basic survival rules everyone should know.
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12 text based reddit images, foster wants to keep dogs drama | thumbnail background two small golden puppies hugging each other "Posted by u/rose-ramos 1 day ago 389 Adopting two dogs; foster mom is being very clingy and trying to talk me out of it. Help? [Help], My wife and I are adopting two dogs from a rescue we're both fond of. The foster mom doesn't seem to understand boundaries; she will text and call me multiple times a day, including on Christmas Day,

Sus Woman Fostering Dogs Begs Adoptive Parents To Let Her Keep The Pups, Unpleasantry Ensues

Not a super comfortable situation
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pro life tips and advice

Life Hacks And Pro Tips To Get an Edge on Life

Why not learn some extra tricks?
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outdated advice that used to make sense but doesn't now

Outdated Advice That Just Doesn't Make Sense Anymore

"No mom, knowing cursive will not guarantee me a job."
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12 text based reddit images dog sitter debacle advice | thumbnail image of dog with laundry in mouth "dog sitter doing oodles of laundry,

Dog Sitter Does Oodles Of Laundry, Conflicted Client Seeks Advice On How To Respond

9 loads?!
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funny dumb and bad advice

Hilariously Dumb and Bad Life Pro Tips to Avoid

Don't do 'em.
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People describe the worst bits of advice that they were ever given.

Worst Advice People Were Ever Given

Some advice is complete nonsense.
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