cooking tips from chefs | porkedpie1 10.5k points 1 day ago edited 20 hours ago Three or four times amount butter and salt is big part why food doesn't taste like restaurant food.

Chefs Share Basic Cooking Tips for The Masses

Become flavor..
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funny stupid and bad advice | keep christmas lights on no matter power electrical safety switch | Take an item is about expire and place into another container without an expiration date make last forever! pouring milk

Dumb and Bad Life Pro Tips That Aren't Worth It

Don't do these.
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funny bad advice and stupid tips | Ygrene @Ygrene trick doing crimes is wait until after 5pm all police have gone home day

Dubious Advice from Questionable Strangers

Can't be too sure about it.
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funny and dumb advice to not do | If hang bananas like this bananas will take longer spoil because bananas think they are still tree | Oprah reveals she manages stay stress free at 64! Step 1: have billion dollars.

Bad Life Pro Tips That Won't Help at All

They won't do anything.
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Friendly reminder for people that want to buy pets during the holidays | holidays are coming up, and as someone who works pet store there are some things want everyone who plans on getting animals as gifts remember: fish tanks need be set up and running at least one week before fish can be put all fish need treated water and bacteria supplements. fish can only survive plastic bag about an hour ONLY fish can go bowl is BETTA. all other fish, especially goldfish, will die/be very unhealthy bowls.

Pet Store Employee Shares Friendly Holiday Reminder

Don't underestimate how loud birds are.
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stories of things people won't do again | Dragontre 26.3k points 3 days ago Living with couple. Roommates suck general but 3 times my life split an apartment with couple and awkward at best, and truly miserable they fought.

Things People Did and Said "Never Again"

Some stuff doesn't even deserve a first try.
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Twitter thread 6 month wall of pandemic | Dr Aisha Ahmad @ProfAishaAhmad 6 month mark any sustained crisis is always difficult have all adjusted this "new normal but might now feel like running out steam. Yet, at best are only 1/3 way through this marathon can keep going? THREAD /x

Twitter Thread: Mentally Dealing with 6 Months of Global Crisis

Weird times, man.
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Tumblr thread on batman villains as talk radio personalities | nonasuch Follow batman s situation? commissioner gordon: Harley and Ivy have hijacked an AM radio station and taken employees hostage batman are their demands? commissioner gordon: they haven't issued any. they, uh. batman commisioner gordon turns on radio] harley gotta walk away, sweetie. His family sounds completely toxic, if not outright emotionally abusive, and he's too enmeshed see caller: no right right gotta do harley got this

Tumblr Thread: Batman Villains as Talk Radio Therapists

Bang! Pow! Advice!
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An AskReddit thread about lessons that people learned far too late in life | BJntheRV 22h disappointment parents will be far shorter lived than unhappiness endure by trying make life fit their perfect picture.

Lessons People Learned Too Late In Life

A solid cheat sheet on life.
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A quick Tumblr post highlights how forgetful human beings can be | andhumanslovedstories started using Head and Shoulders ten years ago itchy scalp and dandruff, and then ten years have not had itchy scalp and dandruff, so thought "why do still buy shampoo combat itchy scalp and dandruff do not have itchy scalp and dandruff so stopped buying shampoo itchy scalp and dandruff and can guess have now? Can predict currently afflicts s alright if can't because apparently fuckin couldn't either

Quick Tumblr Post On Humans' Willful Ignorance

We all can get so horribly forgetful.
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A collection of life pro tips that could come in handy | r/LifeProTips Join u/FloridaMan32225 8h LPT sort out all automated emails by adding filter inbox using word "unsubscribe Have them sent folder choosing and watch inbox clear up quickly. Also try phrases like "opt out" or "donotreply continue eliminating volume. Productivity Not my idea but wow 's been helpful recommend putting them all marked as "read" and into single folder, which then still check periodically sure there are better ways

Life Pro Tips That Could Come In Handy

Some clutch life pro tips.
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Twitter thread calls out people that don't move on after breakups | Rev Rell Follow @awkward_duck My homeboy, who love pieces, had great gf but he kept messing up. Like big time. Finally she called quits. He told her he gonna take time become better person she agreed they could reconcile later if he really worked on himself.

Twitter Thread: Man Gets Reality Check After Breakup

This guy's lesson can be applied to many folks.
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Funny and stupid life pro tips | bad boy @badboychadhoy my credit score is low but 's because want protect myself identity theft. no one can take out mortgage my name if can't even take out mortgage my name.

Really Bad Life Pro Tips to Not Do

There are better ideas.
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Bad sex advice people got from school | Xianroberts 44 points 18 hours ago my sex ed class dissected flower. Not sure has do with anything just remember lot talk about stamen and pistil.

Horrible Sex Advice People Got from School

Sometimes Sex Ed isn't very comprehensive.
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A collection of absolutely terrible life pro tips | Retweeted Health Badvice @BadHealthAdvice Remember: taking vegetables off double bacon cheeseburger decreases amount calories consumed

Bad Life Pro Tips With Zero Shame

Nobody in their right mind would use these.
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Woman shares a list of twenty things to consider before marriage | im famous dont talk cxkenobxkerry 1. Talk about DEBT

Twitter Thread: Twenty Things To Consider Before Marriage

Don't want to overlook these.
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