People describe the best life advice they ever received | CBtheNomad 1d "Use vacation hours, and don't be afraid call sick every now and then either No need work like dog and ignore benefits please boss who doesn't notice. Vacation/staycation days are gems everyone should take! Reply 3.2k

Best Advice People Ever Received

Nice to have these in the back pocket.
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Free funny legal tips and fails from a lawyer on facebook | L. Scott Briscoe's Free Legal Tips February 19,2014 Free Legal Tip Day #2 using friend's urine an attempt pass drug screen, drug test friend first Like Comment Share

Funny Lawyer's Free Legal Tips Shouldn't Even Need Saying

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Wholesome advice from middle age people to young people | JayParty 8.8k points 3 days ago 10 More Don't fall trap life needs be one long narrative should be building. Life is best s bunch happy moments just happen be connected. Don't try make life into novel, make book poems.

Wholesome Advice for People In Their 20s

Oh yeah and start flossing.
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Twitter thread on whale explosion is lesson in listening to experts when it comes to coronavirus | Doncaster Council Doncaster Council @MyDoncaster November 1970, officials Oregon, USA decided blow up rotting whale carcass whole thing went horribly wrong. Why do bring this up? Well, this story can teach us 3 things about #coronavirus

Whale Explosion Thread is a Lesson in Listening to Experts

Don't explode a whale and listen to smart people who tell you not to.
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Things men do that they think are attractive but women don't think are attractive | idiosyncrassy 21.0k points 14 hours ago 9 S Tinder squint which they think makes them look like moody lead singer on an album cover actually makes them look like Renee Zellweger smelled fart

Things Men Think Are Attractive But Aren't

Attraction is subjective but there's some concensus.
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People share advice that they'd give to their 18-year-old selves | Wade Murphy, AIF, CFS @TheWadeMurphy Replying IAmMarkManson 99 worries are pointless. Save money older has expensive taste.

Advice People Would Give To Their 18-Year-Old Selves

A whole lot of those worries end up being pointless.
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Advice about when a relationship has probably run its course | reddit posted by 82verses- 14.9k points 1 day ago realize she's not girlfriend anymore just shitty roommate.

Signs that a Relationship is Basically Done

Sometimes it's for the best.
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AskReddit replies to the various things that people do when they're stressed out | MoterThread 1d bought stress car, no is not full sized car is toy car is large enough has all little details like real glass windows and full interior am stressed throw at floor and/or stand calm my self down and try forget about problem attempt repair as best as can.

Things People Do When Stressed Out

Might try some of these out amidst these times.
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People describe wholesome and solitary activities that can be done | reddit posted by GasmaskGelfling 118d 8 Awards feed crows buy unsalted peanuts shell and toss them as walk my dogs or wait bus have about 4 murders now who recognize plus random crows at different locations ones by lake feed my hand and almost let touch them. After about year doing got my first gift few weeks ago walnut shell.

Wholesome And Solitary Activities People Can Do

Enjoy that time of solitude to the fullest.
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Twitter users share how to lose a job in four words | tweet by Adriano&Paulina @keet0007 #LoseYourJobln4Words This speaks itself ON THE JOB DON'T WAKE WORKING SOMEONE'S GETTING FIRED group of people posing with a sleeping person

Twitter Users Share How To Lose A Job In Four Words

Just in case you're trying to lose a job.
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Soldiers share things that the military doesn't provide that would be welcomed in care packages | Burner_03 2d Please dont pack soap or any scented hygiene product with any food items food items will absorb smell s hard enjoy Irish spring cookies. military army camouflage uniform

Soldiers Share Their Care Package Tips

A helpful rundown on the things soldiers actually end up wanting.
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Tumblr thread explains why parents need to teach their kids to respect pets | ANAEINT Dún Laoghaire K9, LLC June 13, 2016 Instagram O HAIRE R Prime example NOT allow. Eventually will come head and dog will have enough. This child will be injured and this dog will be labeled aggressive and rehomed or likely euthanized. Stop allowing children mistreat dogs s not cute s not funny s not playful s dangerous and stupid dog and child pay consequences parents lack common sense.

Thread Explains Why Kids Should be Taught to Respect Pets

It can avoid a nasty situation down the line.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to various pieces of advice from parents that ended up being total BS | Don't waste too much time on computer becomes full time software developer. computer screen through glasses.

Advice From Parents That Was Total BS

Some advice from parents really doesn't stand the test of time.
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Guys wife wants to name child "John Doe" after her grandfather | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by the_doeberman AITA not wanting my son literally be named "John Doe" So my last name is Doe hasn't affected my life much apart occasionally being called "Dodo" while growing up or friends spelling D'Oh" as joke, and generally pretty neutral about

Guy's Wife Wants to Name Kid "John Doe"

Sounds like a pretty bad idea.
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Tips, advice, and life hacks | 1. Golden spending rule: If can't afford two can't afford 2 thinking about buying something don't necessarily need, imagine item one hand and cash other. Which one would take?

Various Tips and Life Hacks to Become a Slightly More Effective Person

Who wants to make marginally fewer mistakes!
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A collection of AskReddit replies to glamorized career paths that are actually nightmares | post by kahli-dub Flight attendant travel would be amazing, but let's face glorified waitress working cramped, steel tube.

Glamorized Career Paths That Are Nightmares

There's a lot more than meets the surface with certain jobs.
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