I'm not sure the video killed the radio guy, but it certainly makes for an entertaining topic of discussion, or even a musical classic. If you've ever wondered what would be the result if you just search for video, you won't be disappointed, but maybe try adding a second word to the phrase, you might find what you're looking for.

stall scary skydiving wtf Terrifying plane Video - 107589377

The Scary Moment A Plane Stalls Just As Skydivers Are About To Jump

Hey, at least they had parachutes.
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chicken engineering cute lol low budget chickens solution Video - 107575809

Chickens Cross River Using Chain Bridge Technology

It's like guitar hero but with chickens.
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World Series parachute baseball Video - 107573761

POV Of Parachuter Landing In World Series Game

Alright, that's pretty cool.
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wtf railroad semi truck bridge Video - 107566337

Canopener Bridge Pops Stack Off Of Semi Truck

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aww seal cute lol nice funny Video animals - 107558145

Seal Gets Weighed, Does A Retract

"That's too close."
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scary wtf Damn Nature U Scary eruption volcano lava dangerous Video - 107558401

Lava Bomb Rolls Within Feet Of Volcano Onlookers

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weird al Weird Al Yankovic puns lol dumb funny Video stupid - 107549185

Weird Al Has A Moment Of Strict Order Following

And that's why he's the greatest.
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wtf tow truck cars car accident Video - 107539969

Lady Drives Off Tow Truck During Repo, Smashes Cars

It's all bad, man.
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Veteran's watch gets appraised for 500-700K and he is happy about it.

Veteran Finds Out His Watch is Worth Up To 700K

He has a right to be floored.
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scary robotics wtf engineering interesting robots future science Video - 107519489

Robotic Arm With Artificial Muscles Is Amazing And Terrifying

The future is here and it is ripped.
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wtf screaming seal seal scream tom hanks yelling seal scream six lol funny weird Video animals - 107508481

Seal Screams Like Tom Hanks

Now if only they could get it to say "Wilson."
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impressive crazy surprising nfl awesome ridiculous football Video win - 107495937

NFL Wide Receiver Pulls Off Crazy Gutsy Play

Go on then.
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humor FAIL ridiculous funny Video tiktok - 2776838

Girls Open Truck Window On Closed Food Truck, Owner Pops Off

Don't touch the truck, folks.
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piano musical prodigy child makes up song on the spot

Child Prodigy Improvises Sonata In Under One Minute

It was based on four random notes.
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sports track awesome athlete ridiculous Video win - 107494145

Track Star Pulls Off Historical Comeback

Honestly insane.
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humor awesome ridiculous funny Video animals - 107493889

Just A Man Brushing His Behemoth Of A Cow

What an immaculate moment.
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