I'm not sure the video killed the radio guy, but it certainly makes for an entertaining topic of discussion, or even a musical classic. If you've ever wondered what would be the result if you just search for video, you won't be disappointed, but maybe try adding a second word to the phrase, you might find what you're looking for.

customer service cringe Starbucks ridiculous cheap Video tiktok - 2775814

Former Starbucks Employee Shares $1 Ripoff From Walmart In Viral Video

Honestly, it ain't that surprising.
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halloween faith in humanity restored Video win - 107491585

Girl On Halloween Leaves Her Candy For Other Kids

Faith in humanity temporarily restored.
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carl sagan speech awesome inspiring Video win - 107491073

One Of Carl Sagan's Most Profound Speeches On Humanity

What a gem of a human being.
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humor bill nye smart awesome Neil deGrasse Tyson funny Video win - 107488001

Bill Nye Clowns On Neil deGrasse Tyson's Reply

Oh Bill, behave.
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impressive costume ridiculous funny Video win - 107487745

Costumed Person Destroys The Drums At Children’s Music Concert

Just a bit overqualified.
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sketchy awesome ridiculous scam Video win - 107487233

Woman Steers Clear Of Classic Car Flipper Scam By Bringing Mechanic Friend Along

Things are not what they appear to be.
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impressive cool pumpkins halloween awesome ridiculous Video win - 107478017

1223 Pound Giant Pumpkin Timelapse

Mesmerizing stuff.
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wtf slippery cars truck Video - 107484417

Truck Slips On Road, Zoops On Outta There

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live news wtf sports fire soccer football Video - 107475713

Sports Story Becomes Fire Story As Fire Breaks Out On Air

What a scoop.
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Video Game Coverage cringe Awkward ridiculous video games Video - 107475457

Mom Yells At Son For Staying Home And Playing COD, Cringe Ensues

What a moment.
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awesome ridiculous Video win - 107475201

The Largest and Heaviest Metal Forge in the World

What a bewitching spectacle.
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cat Music michael jackson moonwalk dumb Cats funny Video - 107473409

Cat Moonwalks With The Best Of Them

Hee Hee indeed.
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live news FAIL cringe Awkward ridiculous Video - 107473153

Local News Tries To Connect With Millennials, Cringe Tidal Wave Ensues

They might be trying a bit too hard with this one.
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cool surprising anvil awesome Video - 107472897

Floating An Anvil On Liquid Mercury

A superb demonstration.
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card counting awesome casino ridiculous Video win - 107469825

Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies

Don't get any ideas.
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insects mother nature ftw awesome life hacks mother nature ants Video - 107469313

Man Provides Life Hack On Ridding Yard Of Ants With Mother Nature

Pretty neat.
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