I'm not sure the video killed the radio guy, but it certainly makes for an entertaining topic of discussion, or even a musical classic. If you've ever wondered what would be the result if you just search for video, you won't be disappointed, but maybe try adding a second word to the phrase, you might find what you're looking for.

guns reload first person jokes absurd lol ridiculous video games funny Video - 107737601

Dude Reloads Everyday Objects In First Person

So that's how you put a clip in a vacuum.
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demonstration of the Volvo truck emergency brake system

Volvo Truck Emergency Brake In Action

Always look both ways.
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unexpected surprise lol fridge funny Video - 107128833

Guy Investigates Under Fridge, Gets Rat Surprise

It got us.
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Video of crew pranking Mr. Rogers with a smaller pair of shoes.

The Wholesome Prank Played on Mr. Rogers

Alright, that's beautiful.
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Music school awesome lol amazing ridiculous funny Video band - 107692033

School Band Is Delightfully Horrible

Still better than "All I Want For Christmas Is You" On Loop
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Guitar Hero speed wtf dragonforce lol video games Video through the fire and the flames - 107688705

Dude Completes "Through The Fire And The Flames" On 275% Speed For Some Reason

Well, it's been done.
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Sad FAIL toys fireplace Perfect Timing lol funny Video - 107686913

Girl's New Toy Flies Straight Into Fireplace

It happens.
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video of smelter crane accidently tipping molten aluminum, spilling everywhere

Smelter Spills Liquid Aluminum Everywhere

The floor is lava!
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crazy skiing accident close call

Downhill Skier Makes Insane Save After Crashing At 75MPH

Looks like an error in a video game.
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FAIL accident awesome driving dangerous Video - 106354945

Motorcyclist Suddenly Becomes Stuntman

Stuck the landing.
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Camaro goes airborne in drag race and lands safely on ground

Drag Racer Lands Back On Wheels After Going Airborne

It looked like it was just gonna keep going.
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Skier skis through gate which smacks him in groin

Yannick Bertrand's Groin Shot Heard Round The World

That is audible.
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nature russia Music awesome Video win - 106347777

Russian Arctic Explorer Serenades Music-Loving Walruses With Accordion Concert

Seems like they loved it.
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FAIL stealing cringe ridiculous Video thief - 106330625

Porch Pirate Gets Caught Red-Handed, Attempts To Flee, Gets Stuck In Snow

This ain't it, man.
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wholesome cringe lol twitch mistake funny Video linkin park - 107647489

Twitch Reporter Doesn't Realize She's Talking To Mike Shinoda Of Linkin Park

A better kind of "do you know who I am?"
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reviews reading tungsten tungsten cube lol cube funny Video stupid dramatic - 107615233

Dramatic Readings Of Tungsten Cube Reviews Are Enlightening And Enheavying

The cube has presence.
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