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Adult Children Disown Man Who Raised Them After They Discover Mother's Adultery, One Stands By Him

This family was torn asunder once it was revealed that the mother had participated in multiple long-standing affairs (with two brothers nonetheless) that had resulted in the pregnancies of each of her three children. No one in the family knew of the affairs or that the bio-fathers of the children were someone other than her husband. The truth was shocking and brought the family apart in a great schism. The thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit by the concerned daughte…
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Karmic Justice Strikes Bad Sister-In-Law When She Needs a Place to Stay

When this family's house burned down from a freak lightning strike, they were thrown into the direst of positions. Insurance only covered one month of accommodation and took eleven months to pay out. The family was forced in with the husband's sister, who took them in with “open arms." Usually, this would be the kindest act you could bestow on somebody, giving them a roof over their head when they're at their darkest, but this extortionist of a sister-in-law wasn't in a giving mood. She set abs…
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Mother Steals Daughter's Inheritance, Uses it to Buy a Sweet New House, Gets Called Out

They're just mad that they got called out.
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malicious compliance military military-stories Reddit - 17065477

Idiot Lieutenant Demands Salutes From Enlisteds, Entire Base Obliges at Once

TIL About "Salute Trapping"
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family drama aita marriage family Reddit - 17048581

Wife Roasted For Telling Husband to Deal With Her Mother's Backhanded Comments

This wife took to the internet to see if she was in the wrong for telling her husband to deal with her mother's comments towards him and “hash things out” with her. The wife notes that her mother “is the one who usually starts” but that her husband “also escalates (sic) and refuses to let it go." Essentially, her mother is bullying her husband while he is vulnerable and trying to maintain peace at family events, and this wife is doing nothing to stand up for him. Reddit users on Reddit's r/AITA…
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idontworkherelady Reddit - 17032709

Security Guard Thinks That He's Being Relieved, It's Actually His Boss Returning Home

A comically confused security guard saw a fellow security guard walking into one of the resident's apartments and decided to take action. He knew that this ‘new guy’ was here to relieve him and was acting out of line. When the property manager arrived they were quick to set the record straight and identified the ‘new guy’ as a tenant of the apartment complex. Oh, and they were superior in the chain of command to the security guard and essentially their boss. When it came time to interview for a…
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aita family Reddit - 16914181

Guy Hooks Up With Dead Brother's Fiancée, Family Loses It, He Demands Apology

This is one of those rare moments that I can't entirely agree with the hive mind of Reddit. Reddit seems to predominately think that the OP's relationship with his dead brother's fiancée is all sunshine and rainbows… But I can see where the family would find the entire situation to be deeply problematic and I can, thus, see where the family is coming from. Have they reacted to the situation maturely and reasonably? Absolutely not. So, while there's a reasonable foundation for them taking issue……
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antiwork Horrible Bosses Reddit - 16906757

Company Asks Employee For Help a Month After Laying Them Off

Like having your partner break up with you and then hit you up for a booty call a few weeks later.
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aita brother family Reddit - 16886789

Story Update: Kleptomaniac Nephew Steals $4k Engagement Ring, Parents Refuse to Intervene, Ring Recovered Regardless

This guy saved up for a year for a $4k engagement ring for his girlfriend, hoping to take the next step with her. He could not have possibly anticipated what would happen to that ring when he accepted his brother's family into his home after his brother lost his job. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A--Hole) subreddit by the owner of the ring. He posted the subject to appeal to readers and gauge whether or not he was in the wrong for kicking his brother's family out after his…
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antiwork Horrible Bosses Reddit - 16879365

Internet Convinces Employee to Quit After Bad Boss Steals Tips

This employee signed on to work at a pizza place in Washington State, despite all of the red flags they could see during the interview and hiring process. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by the employee, a Redditor who has since deleted their account information to hide their identity and cover their tracks to help avoid backlash from the employer in relation to the post. Posts like this can be a considerable risk to the poster, and it's not uncommon for things like this…
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aita parenting family Reddit - 16879109

Parents Threaten to Kick Daughter Out to Exercise Control, So She Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

Sometimes you have to make the hard choice in order to improve your future life.
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aita marriage Reddit - 16871173

Bride Gets Roasted When She Tries to Justify Telling Her Fiancé He Can't Honor His Dead Son at Their Wedding

Maybe it's time to call this wedding off.
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aita Reddit - 16855557

Brother's Unemployed Girlfriend Designates Herself Planner of Family Gatherings, Gets Uninvited

When you're attached to a family group through a romantic relationship, you should feel like part of the family. If the family you're joining is healthy and decent, they will welcome you with open eyes. But that is a two-way street; it is also up to you to read the room and not overstep your place. In case you were wondering… Designating your unemployed ass as the on-tap family planner and sending people lists of chores they need to complete at their own home is definitely overstepping. Well, t…
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aita mother in laws mother in law pregnant Reddit - 16854533

Mother-In-Law Announces Couple's Pregnancy On Facebook Before They're Ready, Plays Victim When Confronted

A woman discovered that she was pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy and confided in her husband. When that little mama's boy ran and told his mother the news anyways… She immediately took to the ol' Facebook to tell the world the good news, completely disregarding the couple's wishes. When her daughter-in-law confronted her, she went into full victim mode. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA subreddit by the daughter-in-law. She posted the story to appeal to readers and see whether or no…
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aita Reddit - 16855301

Delusional Gym Bro Gives Woman Unsolicited Advice, Thinks That She's the A-Hole, Gets Blasted

The first and most important rule of not being an a-hole is to mind your own business. This gym bro and his buddies forgot to follow that rule and may have made this poor stranger feel uncomfortable returning to this gym again, making themselves look like total clowns. It's also essential to remember that, in life, you're presented with a two-dimensional perspective of another person's life. The small glimpse you gain when you see someone at the gym for an hour a week or even an hour a day is j…
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aita parenting Reddit - 16836101

Rude Nurse Repeatedly Insisting to a Mother That Her Adopted Child "Isn't Hers" Gets A Verbal Beatdown

A rude practice nurse who was repeatedly insisting to a mother that her adopted child “wasn't hers” received an absolute earful from the mother. However, when she got home, her husband told her that she should not have blown up on the nurse like that. This story was posted today to Reddit's “Am I the A-Hole” subreddit by Reddit user u/whattheactualf-ck13 , the mother in the story. She posted the story to the popular subreddit to get commenters' opinions on whether her response was warranted or…
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