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Couple Arguing Over What "Killer Clown Book" Girlfriend is Confusing with ‘It’ Has Their World Rocked When the Author of That Book Turns Up and Solves the Mystery

The internet is a smaller place than you might think.
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12 reddit text images discussion on transaction between contractor and supplier | thumbnail "r/MaliciousCompliance + Join u/snakepeterman · 1d 2 3 S 4 You want the product shipped Next Day Air no matter the cost? Roger that! "

Irate Contractor Feels Unreasonably Duped By Freight Price After Declining Estimate

Take a seat, buddy
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9 reddit text images discussion | thumbnail "r/entitledparents + Join u/throwingstars03r5 · 6h 1 1 Entitled sister demands I take her children to Disney with me and my girlfriend despite knowing it's a secret proposal trip....My sister knows i'm proposing as she helped me pick out the Ring and she was very supportive until she found out where I was planning to propose, she doesn't approve of it as we're not kids and has stated that as we're not Children"

Entitled Mom Demands Sis Take Her Kids To Disney Despite Knowing It's A Secret Proposal Trip

Shooketh to the utmost degree
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16 reddit text images, host sets strict rules for sister in law's service dog | thumbnail text "Marjorine22 · 16h NTA, I guess. You clearly don't want the dog in your house and your rules make it very clear that your SIL is kinda welcome with her dog with a long list of rules. But like a good number of these borderline NTA questions, I wouldn't want to hang out with you. Claire should find something better to do with her time than go to rules house with her life saving animal. "

Host Sets Super Strict Rules For Sister In Law's Service Dog, SIL Says She's Gone Too Far

We just can't decide
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12 reddit text images surrounding family argument |  thumbnail "r/Amlthe hole u/dearlyohwow• 20h 20 2 16 16 AITA for asking my sister and BIL to move out after three years of supporting them after family tragedy? Not the A-hole About 3 years ago, my sister and her husband lost their three young children in a really bad car accident. My sister barely survived but pulled through. They had two daughters who were 8 and 6 and a 3 year old son. I won't go into specifics surrounding the accident "

Woman Supports Sister And BIL For Three Years Post Family Tragedy, Outrage Ensues As They Are Asked To Leave

Three years of complete financial and emotional support later
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11 reddit text images employee debacle | thumbnail "/MaliciousCompliance + Join u/CinnamonBunBun · 13h 3 9 2 5 Sure, l'll keep my meals under $30 as per the policy. I'll make sure it's $30 Every. Single. While in the past I might have billed $100 for the entire month because I didn't bother to eat, I am now billing twice or three times that. I also used to push myself to keep working all day but now"

Ridiculous Workplace Policy Leaves Disgruntled Employee Compliantly Spending To The Limit

Milk your company for all its worth
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People describe the worst job interviews that they ever had. | BrutalNutritionist 3h Realised pyramid scheme half way through interview already working so didn't accept job.

Worst Job Interviews People Ever Had

Job interviews can be total nightmares.
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Nasty neighbors kill couple's tomatoes, so couple unleashes army of ants. | r/pettyrevenge Join u/KatiaV 10h 1 6 O 10 3 11 1 Do Not Hurt Tomatoes Once, many years ago innocently bought house next door retired marine couple. She about 6'2" and strongly resembled Ahnold 's Not Tumor his current state, and he about 5'7" and probably weighed 130 They were very house/yard proud and and thoroughly obnoxious about .

Nasty Neighbors Destroy Couple's Tomatoes, Couple Unleashes Ants Army

Now those are some terrible neighbors.
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Neighbor steals man's water and power, so man hatches a brilliant revenge. | r/ProRevenge u/OlderSparky 1d Join 1 2 12 e 10 3 24 1 8 13 NaCI NacI NaCI NaCl, hey hey hey, goodbye Sparkies Tale This is bit read, hey title will make sense at some stage promise explain some stuff as go, but as always, there's Glossary at end. Some years ago working FiFo (Fly Fly Out) at mine.

Neighbor Steals Man's Power And Water, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

Bill shouldn't have played games.
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An invasive neighbor refuses to park elsewhere, gets their car towed, and then expects compensation. | AITA getting my neighbors car towed blocking my garage and now they want pay their tow fee and ticket calling get them towed Not hole recently bought house vacant while and people were using as parking moved now 's clear someone lives there so people stopped parking there. Sometime last week had leave but couldn't because opened my garage door there car there blocking

Invasive Neighbor Refuses To Park Elsewhere, Gets Car Towed, Expects Compensation

Maybe just don't park on someone else's property.
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A collection of the dumbest things that people have ever said.

Dumbest Things People Have Ever Said

Must've been a stirring discussion.
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An entitled coworker keeps stealing a desk, so a petty alarm clock revenge ensues.

Entitled Coworker Keeps Stealing Desk, Alarm Clock Revenge Ensues

A successful petty revenge, indeed.
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A collection of the funniest things that people have seen happen in classrooms. | HS classmate stripped off his clothing reveal spiderman suit. He then put on mask and climbed out 2nd story window and proceeded walk along ledge another classrom, and entered classroom through window.

Funniest Things People Have Seen In Classrooms

Classrooms can get real silly.
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Woman complains that her computer keeps losing her files, and learns she's been deleting them.

Woman Complains About Computer Losing Files, Realizes She's Been Deleting Them

And that's a glorious whoops.
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Disrespectful guy tries to sneak meat into vegetarian's meals. | AITA refusing let my friend eat meat inside my house know title sounds, but please give chance. Now gonna start out by saying not one those crazy vegans who force their views on others and think meat eaters are devil been vegetarian over ten years and dont plan on ever eating meat again, but understand and respect why others do.

Meat Eater "Friend" Tries To Sneak Meat Into Vegetarian's Meals

Serious boundary issues.
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Customer floods useless ISP service with tons of complaint tickets. | not giving an ETA fix flood ticketing system! At first thought this story would have been more suited O r/pettyrevenge, however, after reading O r/prorevenge's Rule 1 order story be pro revenge should involve going out way and going above and beyond get revenge decided s better suited here as feel clearly went above and beyond. Hopefully will find this story as amusing as my friends and find 10 years later.

Customer Floods Unresponsive ISP Company With Tickets

Checkmate for these guys.
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