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Insane CEO Criticizes Employee's Appearance, Sets off Nuclear Chain Reaction of Malicious Compliance That Destroys Entire Company From Within

Back at the beginning of 2021, I worked at a small community health non profit with an insane CEO.
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Worker Gets Put on Performance Review and Banned From Working From Home Right Before Working From Home Becomes Mandatory

Guy gets laptop confiscated right before the office is closed down so he just doesn't do any work.
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IT Guy Makes Unintentionally Hilarious Presentation About WAPs

Presentation about Wireless Access Points goes wrong when the attendees can't hold it together.
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New Office Neighbor Enacts Epic 'Office Door Policy' That We Need to Standardize

Guy creates open door policy that should be common practice.
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Annoying lunch policy malicious compliance revenge

Office Tattler Gets On Employee's Case Over Lunch Policy, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Thanks, Mindy.
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Employee maliciously complies with free donut day and bully coworkers | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/grillbuster5 11 hours ago is MY day buy donuts entire office as new person Well OK oc M As new person" at my job told multiple times expected provide donuts entire office. Normally s not big deal but two people particular were rude and relentless about donuts all week. Others joined also. Apparently, these people recently extorted two boxes Krispy Kremes someone else.

New Employee is Not Having Free Donut Day

Line in the sand.
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An entitled coworker can't handle the stresses of a service job | fuck-customers lot them probably wouldn't last at job Last year had an internship at fancy office during day, and food service job at night. One ladies at office told she needed part-time job some extra cash, and let her know about an opening my food service job, described would be expected, all

Tumblr Thread: Entitled Coworker Can't Handle Service Job

Gotta learn at some point.
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A funny Tumblr post about an office lunch thief.

Coworker Steals Lunches, Gets Called Out In Escalating Notes

Tina went off.
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A co-worker expects a free dinner after an operation from two weeks ago | Are getting dinner today? M isn't so 's just and Not today brought mine cos skint til Friday haha Fuck sake am supposed do then don't know, perhaps go get dinner by yourself?

Co-Worker Expects Free Dinner Two Weeks After Operation

Oh, come on now.
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Funny twitter thread about work shrimp thief | Zak Toscani @zaktoscani Replying zaktoscani Case facts: Lunch fridge less than an hour before vanished. No shrimp smell remnants microwave or kitchen area. This professional hit no doubt 8:24 PM Mar 29, 2018 50.1K Q 3,471 people are talking about this

Twitter Thread: The Cold-Blooded Office Shrimp Thief

Who knew office shrimp burglary could be so riveting.
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Employee doubles down on spelling of hamster as "Hampster" | Carol Blymire @CarolBlymire Jul 12, 2019 Replying CarolBlymire office space near client young woman meeting with her boss. She by my estimation her late 20s. Carol Blymire @CarolBlymire boss (also woman giving her feedback and reviewing edits she had made on something this young woman wrote. 5:21 PM Jul 12, 2019 1.3K 83 people are Tweeting about this Carol Blymire @CarolBlymire Jul 12, 2019 Replying CarolBlymire They had been speaking

Delusional Employee Defends Spelling of "Hampster"

Way to double down.
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Whole office pesters Karen for throwing away expensive cake | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/NFkappaBalpha 1 day ago need check all our food? Fine. oc L So this happened like 7 or 8 years ago jobbing at driving service while student driving service one people with disabilities could not drive ot walk on their own. Our main office building housing/working facility disabled people two companies (our drivers service and housing facility) were loosely connected as they were both financdd by same

Karen Throws Away Expensive Cake, Office Fights Back

Things didn't have to escalate so fast.
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Tumblr thread on wholesome security team who saved office's plants | wafflesrisa Here's something cute lockdown happened UK happened very suddenly. At law firm work at, our office building emptied overnight everyone told work home. No time clear our desks, no time bring office plants home. Fast forward three and half months everyone assumes their plants are dead. But then! An email goes round s turns out one our security guards is florist, and

Wholesome Security Team Saves Office Plants

Plants secured.
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A coworker's lunch gets stolen and then an office drama ensues | Zak Toscani Follow @zaktoscani Co-worker got his lunch stolen and they've agreed let him watch security camera tape. This is most excited l've ever been at any job ever. Ever. lunch question shrimp fried rice which means this escalates misdemeanor felony no doubt

Twitter Thread: Coworker's Lunch Gets Stolen, Office Drama Ensues

A remarkably cold blooded individual, indeed.
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A Twitter thread about sexism in the workplace | Why is only women who see sexism everywhere? Martin R. Schneider @Schneid 2d v Nicole and worked small employment service firm and one complaint always came our boss: She took too long work with clients. Martin R. Schneider @Schneid. 2d v As her supervisor considered this minor nuisance at best figured reason got things done faster having more experience 17 313 1,147 Martin R. Schneider @Schneid 2d v So one day l'm emailing client back- and-forth

Twitter Thread: Sexism In The Workplace

The worst.
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Entitled coworker demands party and takes leftovers, then everyone online calls them a jerk | Posted by u/throwawayplatter 21 hours ago AITA because took all leftover homes after work party? Asshole worked at this company 3 years. my 3 year anniversary landed on same day my SO proposing and top off getting promoted expect at least something my coworkers. like small party, gift, nothing fancy pretty hurt came week find nothing. there were congrats and well dones but nothing else.

Entitled Coworker Demands Party, Takes All The Leftovers

Bold plan.
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