One More Reason to Live in Japan

Japan has beer vending machines
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The Doritos Flavor Absolutely No One Asked for

gross doritos Japan food g rated fail nation - 8422066432
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This Soup Is Available Even in Japan

sign Japan soup funny - 8416909568
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dorms Japan funny college - 67338753

Japanese Dorms Are Weird

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Let's Start With the Spelling

tattoos Japan irony spelling - 8395045888
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That Exact Expression

wtf ex girlfriend robots Japan funny - 8386288896
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GoPro cars Japan DIY Video - 65902337

A Beautifully-Shot Look at the Custom Car Culture in Japan

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A Japanese eBay Seller Gives Free Awkward Friendships With Every Purchase

Awkward cute Japan ebay - 8370578944
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Japan Loves It's Beer Wenches

wtf anime Japan funny - 8368527360
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An International Phenomenon

language Japan t shirts poorly dressed words - 8361027328
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It Must Be So Authentic

monday thru friday China restaurant Japan business name - 8347283712
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Fact: Japan is 100% Japan

flag Japan Fun Fact g rated win - 8334257920
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Practice Safe Cooking With This Condom Recipe Book

books cooking condoms Japan recipe what fail nation - 8330444288
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Never Treaty Someone Like Potato

Japan funny sign love wtf - 8330280704
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When Your Grandparents Don't Understand Your Relationship

wtf Japan body pillow funny otaku dating - 8300764160

That Robot Is a Terrible Bartender

wtf robots Japan bartender funny after 12 g rated - 8296072704
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