Why Bother WIth Self Control

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What Else Is in There?

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The Pikachu Burger at the Pikachu Cafe in Japan is So Cute

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Japan Makes Some Adorable Beer

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Freak Out of the Day: Japanese Politician Screams and Cries at Press Conference as He Defends Expense Claims

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Japan, Still Making Creepy Robots

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The Future is Now: Japan Unveils the World's First Android Newscaster

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We Know Where Our Loyalties Are!

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Japanese Beer Ads Are Incredible

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wtf bizarre movies Japan divorce frozen - 61508097

His Wife Just "Let it Go" And Then Filed for Divorce.

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Japanese Twerking Pudding Cocktail? Yep.

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Japan Has Beer Vending Machines

beer Japan funny vending machine - 8204927488
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More of the Wackiest Commercials From Japan!

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If You Don't Like It, You Can Kuso Karae, Bakayaro

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Japan public transportation trains - 60728577

Cute Video of the Day: Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors With a Little Girl on a Train

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Don't Have an Electronic Toothbrush? This Kid Improvises by Attaching a Toothbrush to a Gun

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