christmas christmas tree Japan Video wtf - 76961025

And This is What The Running Christmas Tree in Tokyo is

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list IRL internet Japan - 649221

On the Internet, Everybody Knows You're Actually Terrible

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FAIL fire Japan safety Video - 74756097

That Moment When You Accidentally Set Your House On Fire During a Live Stream

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Sprinter of the Day: 105-Year-Old Japanese Man Breaks World Record for 100-Meter Dash, Wants to Take on Usain Bolt

Hidekichi Miyazaki breaks the world record for the 100-Meter Dash.
Via Japan Times

Tikes of the Day: Disney Japan's Twitter Isn't the Most Sensitive to National Tragedies

Disney Japan Twitter doesn't get national tragedies.
Via Kotaku
bathrooms list Japan Video - 72529665

12 Reasons Why Japanese Bathrooms Are The Best

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arcade Japan Video - 72485121

Guy Rocks out at Japanese Arcade

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Off to Work

samurai on motorcycle
Via scificity
metal Japan Video - 72485889

If You Slowly Replace Every Member of the Band With a Big Bearded White Guy Is It Still Considered Baby Metal?

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robots Japan - 72349697

America Officially Challenges Japan to a Robot Duel

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The Squid Is Slowly Consuming Her

hat Japan japanese Sad squid tentacles - 6035995136
drinking Japan Travel Video after 12 - 71017985

2 Hours of Unlimited Alcohol in Japan

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Breakup Prevention Kit

dating japan novelty Breakup Prevention Kit
Via @shintarokago
game show what Japan weird Video - 70984705

The Game is Simple: Don't Suck, and Get the Bug in Your Opponent's Mouth. WHAT?

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game show what Japan weird - 70688513

Women Get Their Legs Stretched Open on the Newest Weird Japanese "Game Show"

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anime barack obama Japan - 70654465

Presidential Weeaboo Barack Obama Thanks Japan for Anime, Emoji

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