fast Japan gotta go fast train Video - 70612481

Japan's Newest Train is Breaking Speed Records. Don't Blink When You Watch This Video.

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Compilation of the Day: Check Out These Japanese Commercials

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hotel godzilla Japan Video - 70312193

Take a Tour of Japan's Godzilla Hotel!

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Japanese Game Show Where Guys Are "Pleasured" While Singing Karaoke

I need to move to japan just for their game shows
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Japan Makes Weird Cocktails

Japanese cocktails
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Japan Makes Individual Beer Can Taps...Yes Please!

beer taps invention Japan - 8221761280
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snowboarding Japan Travel winter Video - 69938689

Exploring the Slopes of Japan in This Gorgeous Video

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How Bad Was the Bet You Lost?

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Food of the Day: Japanese Fast Food Chain Selling KitKat Sandwich

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wtf Japan funny Video dating - 69397505

Is Kabe-Don Sweeping the West? No, Not Really.

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You're Damn Right it Does

beer makes you feel like a superhero
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trash vine trick shot Japan Video g rated win - 69262337

Throwing Out the Trash With Style in Japan

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Japan - 69132289

Thank Your Lucky Stars You Don't Have a Schedule Like This Guy

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sports Japan BAMF Video g rated win - 69075457

Three Professional Fencers Against an Army of Amateurs. Who Comes Out on Top?

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bike design Japan robots Video g rated win - 68833281

Japan's Bike Storage Systems Are Slick as Heck

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Beer Pong of the Rising Sun

beer pong table with japanese flag
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