School of Fail


What a Weird School

What do you learn here at whore school?
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You Might Want to Go Back to Geography Class

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Want Some Teeth Made From Pee?

wtf eww pee teeth science - 7704485376
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James May Knows How to Science

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UCF Freshmen Being Assigned to Live in Closets and Bathrooms

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Turkey, No one Wants the Damn Things

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One Happy Milk Frog

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Might as Well Turn it in Now

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One Hot Planet

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Dude lives to regret staring at the Sun as a kid | r/tifu Join u/eyedamagedsunwatcher 2h 3 TIFU By starting at sun over 12 minutes L As usual, this didn't happen today. This happened over 20 years ago and only recently am noticing impact. Don't stare at sun kids around 11 fascinated by science still am particular loved astronomy and sun is pretty cool object had heard Galileo had gone blind by looking at sun through telescope, so should never look at sun. My intellectually curious mind noticed

Dude Lives To Regret Staring At The Sun As A Kid

Massive bummer.
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The Damn Sign Sneezed

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Science Will Keep You Up at Night

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

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The Earth and the Moon Have an Odd Relationship

mars is a total hobag according to the moon.
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Damn You Math!

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Beaker He's Terrible at Science

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