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If Global Warming Isn't Real, Why Does the Earth Have Asthma Now?

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The Good Ol' Days Were Full of Complainers

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This Would Make Everyone Love Science

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That's an Accurate Date

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Russia Loses Track of Rocket Full of Geckos

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The Weirdest Stay in School Ad Ever

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Take That History

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Welcome to Hell

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Wait, What Is This Plant Called?

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This Kid Wants to Help Me With My Computer Troubles, But I Can't Understand a Word He's Saying

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Miss USAs Need Some More Schooling

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Dating in Grade School Is Complicated

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Dude lives to regret staring at the Sun as a kid | r/tifu Join u/eyedamagedsunwatcher 2h 3 TIFU By starting at sun over 12 minutes L As usual, this didn't happen today. This happened over 20 years ago and only recently am noticing impact. Don't stare at sun kids around 11 fascinated by science still am particular loved astronomy and sun is pretty cool object had heard Galileo had gone blind by looking at sun through telescope, so should never look at sun. My intellectually curious mind noticed

Dude Lives To Regret Staring At The Sun As A Kid

Massive bummer.
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That's Why Science Is Awesome,

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Balance From Desperation

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Get a Pet Rock They Said...

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