School of Fail


food beings eaten the wrong way | bite taken out the side of an unpeeled banana | cutting pieces from the center of a pizza with a fork and knife

Foods Being Eaten Improperly

Put the banana down.
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What's Octoper?

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It's Science Fact

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The History of Contraceptives

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What Is a Berry?

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What Colors Are Really in a Rainbow

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Crap I Don't See Those Numbers on My Phone

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New Discovery Show: Guy Gets Eaten Alive By an Anaconda...FOR SCIENCE

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Need Some Days Off School?

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Hey, Not Everyone Hates It...Just Most of Us

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What Is the Leidenfrost Effect

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Not Sure That Means What You Think it Means

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My Little Brother's School Project

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You Only Go to School Once...Wait What?

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Go Austria!

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What Sort of School Sport Is This?

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