School of Fail


food beings eaten the wrong way | bite taken out the side of an unpeeled banana | cutting pieces from the center of a pizza with a fork and knife

Foods Being Eaten Improperly

Put the banana down.
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wtf idiots funny g rated School of FAIL - 67551745

The Metric System...Is it Safe?

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This Is Why Geography Class Is Important

wtf india geography idiots funny - 8396791808
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Jack Sparrow Went to Your High School?

wtf yearbook high school funny - 8252129024
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Hip Hop to the Library

wtf books library - 8282177536
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insects wtf science funny - 56098305

The Dormant Army of Cicadas

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A funny Tumblr thread about fruits being named after colors | weaver-z Follow Ænzo @dolphin_dom Fun fact: blueberries are only fruit named after color rinasawayana dolphin_dom star fruit?

Tumblr Thread On Fruits And Colors Spirals Out Of Control

Oh no, say it ain't so.
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Just How Hot Is Hell

wtf hell science supernova funny - 7688749824
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wtf magic school bus - 48214273

Magic School Bus, This Is Just Weird

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This Island Is the Scariest Place on Earth

scary wtf snakes g rated - 8247794944

Is it Just Me, Or Does This Homework Seem Naughty?

homework wtf innuendo funny - 8422527232
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One Strange Presentation

wtf presentation funny - 7561769984
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High School Bathrooms Are Weird

wtf bathroom high school funny - 8106520576
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douchebag wtf frat idiots racist Video college - 69334017

SAE Douchebags Expelled From Oklahoma University After Racist Chant

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Someone Takes Amazing Yearbook Photos

Snake in a yearbook picture
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Man Arrested at School Board Meeting

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