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cheapskates, person refusing to pay the price they agreed to and demands money for gas

13 Frustrating Cheapskates Who Tried Pinching Up People's Dollars

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The Simple Answer Is "Math"

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Wisdom Is Hindsight

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Everyone Loves the Beard

wtf beard idiots funny g rated School of FAIL - 8188621824
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The Science Behind "Cool Juice" From Family Matters

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Pop Music & Solar Panels

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What your Brain is For

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They Need to Up Their Meth Game

Math Team gets called meth team
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What a Story it Is

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Beards, They're Good for You

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The Black Sea Devil Anglerfish Is Horrifying

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Thor's Hammer Is Really Heavy

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The History of Physics

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Did Our Tongues Evolve From a Mouthful of Water?

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Carl What Are You Doing?

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