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Bill Nye Really Loves Jay-Z

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That's a Weird Mission

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Textbooks Are Upping Their Stock Photo Game

funny pirates text book wtf g rated School of FAIL - 8356212480
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That's a Weird Reason to Cancel Class

his poor son, be sure to go see his band!
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If Global Warming Isn't Real, Why Does the Earth Have Asthma Now?

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He's Got a Lot to Teach You

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Nice... Pears...?

wtf no no tubes School of FAIL - 6955628288
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So, All the Time?

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Are You Using the Rosetta Stone?

learning a language is fun and you haven't had your period?
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Dust Mites Are Weird

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Scientists Study Which Cheese is the Perfect Cheese for Pizza

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Which of the 4 Options Are You?

chemistry textbook gives 4 options to take the course
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Drunk British History: King Henry the VIII

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Your School Has an Oreo Problem

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The Struggle Is Real

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Naughty Fiction

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