School of Fail


My Little Brother's School Project

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Just a Teacher Doing the Lean

teachers need to relax too
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Meat From the Lab

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Stay in School and Get Your Own Rap Snacks!

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You Know What's a Good Lecture Snack? A Block of Cheese!

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Well, That's an Odd Childhood

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Is Common Core Really the Answer?

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Now That's a Natural Graph

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That's a Giant Cave System

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Not Quite Neil!

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Jessica Simpson Knows Her Consonants

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Good God, Student Photos Can Be Awkward

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dramatic and interesting quiet kid moments | Chasesrabbits 20 hours ago friend mine had class college where professor offered extra credit person who could come up with best sentence using list made-up words he had found freshman papers winner quiet girl, with this gem Dude, do see chankles on girl going have go home and proiate."

Times The Quiet Kid Had Their Moment

There was always more to the quiet kid.
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Limbo Is the Ultimate in Physical Education

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school wtf idiots - 51461889

Miss USAs Need Some More Schooling

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What Is the Leidenfrost Effect

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