School of Fail


A Bunch of "Winners"

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Science Will Keep You Up at Night

wtf calvin and hobbes science funny - 8367939840
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Nope, Not Even Close

one side too many.
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Schools Need to Be Prepared for All Sorts of Problems

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Where You Put Your Homework After It's Graded

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What Did You Do on Spring Break?

wtf student lazy spring break funny - 8479204352
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This Is How You Teach Science

money science wizard wtf g rated School of FAIL - 8306482688
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Putting a Coin in Dry Ice

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Just a Teacher Doing the Lean

teachers need to relax too
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This Galaxy Looks Like a Penguin

egg galaxy funny science wtf - 7941458176
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How Would This Even Happen?

wtf funny college g rated School of FAIL - 8094606848
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Math Majors Lose Control of Runaway Snowball

news wtf students snow math - 8063120128
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What's Better Than RedBox?

readbox helps you read
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Not Sure That Means What You Think it Means

homework wtf idiots funny g rated School of FAIL - 8193338624
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Science Can Get Sticky

wtf mindwarp gifs science funny - 7541281536
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Well, Consider Me a Chump

school is for chumps written under the desk
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