School of Fail


Weird Things Go on at This School

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Wow... Just Wow

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This Island Is the Scariest Place on Earth

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Amazing Reasons to Get Detention

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Balance From Desperation

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Alice Dreger Live Tweets a Sex Ed Class

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Can't Believe He Was Voted Best Smile...

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UCF Freshmen Being Assigned to Live in Closets and Bathrooms

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Student sees fire but staff makes them wait to report it | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/ArmyMPSides 12 days ago Shut down while trying report fire at my high school oc S senior back high school Middle Tennessee had smoking area students. This 1990, so yeah old. My daughters actually just asked post this story here. Anyway, so good student and had great reputation among faculty at this school about 2000 students.

Staff Makes Student Patiently Wait to Report Fire

School is weird.
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There's a Shower in Your Hallway?

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What Do You Go to Creeper School?

Some people take creepy school IDs
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Now That's a Natural Graph

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Bargain Books

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Chuck E Cheese pizza arcade runs a social experiment that reveals startling facts about human nature | Professor_Palmer @CaryPalmerr last few weeks begun conducting my own behavioral study secret have been adjusting games at Chuck E Cheese and recording subconscious response guest interaction over week discovered some pretty interesting things long thread

Chuck E. Cheese Experiment Reveals Human Nature

It's science, man.
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One Of the Best Places to Sleep,

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But I'm the Reincarnation of Him!

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