School of Fail


How You Know You Missed the Bus

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Scientist Create Strange 2D Quasicrystal

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SAE Douchebags Expelled From Oklahoma University After Racist Chant

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Cheat Like You Mean It

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It's Other

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Just a Little Banana Math

when you run out of paper, do your homework on a banana!
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wtf Fun Fact science Video - 69380609

Why Does Toothpaste Make Things Taste Bad?

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The Things Kids Learn

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Maybe Next Time You Should Ask Nicely.

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It Does Seem a Bit Pricy

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Something Is Off About This School Survey

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Moss Attempts to Go Through a Maze to Find Oats

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That's One Sadistic Teacher

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Live Goals, She Has Them

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wtf students Awkward funny Video - 69164801

Good God, Student Photos Can Be Awkward

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Now That's Hard Core

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