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Since When Do College Kids Not Understand Toilets?

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Close Shave.

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A Very Strange Brain

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An Incredible Complaint in POPULAR SCIENCE

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Sending a Probe into the Sun

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These Kids Really Want Their Teacher to Get Married

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Math Is the Devil

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High School Dudes Know What's Up

do you even lift wtf high school funny - 8299897088
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If Global Warming Isn't Real, Why Does the Earth Have Asthma Now?

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Welcome to Adult Math

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The Origins of Superstitions

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That Kid Must Be Inbred

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Wrestling Teacher Has Sex With Student on School Bus

sexy times were had from a wrestling coach on a school bus
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Is it Just Me, Or Does This Homework Seem Naughty?

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New Discovery Show: Guy Gets Eaten Alive By an Anaconda...FOR SCIENCE

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So, All the Time?

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