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Military Scientists Create a Pizza That's Good for 3 Years

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It's Right There...

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Putting a Coin in Dry Ice

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Someone's Going to Pass Anatomy

anatomy wtf science funny - 8298181376
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That's a Sexy Cannon

drawing cannon physics funny no no tubes wtf - 7963139072
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Some Sweet School Uniforms

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Did Harvard Reject the Best College Application Ever?

I really want to hear that mix tape
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Jeez, Be More Careful!

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That's Why Science Is Awesome,

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The Ocean Has Black Holes

black holes wtf oceanography science - 7817680896
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Banned Book Week: A Heck of a Reason to Ban Winnie the Pooh

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This Is a Caterpillar! WTF?!

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Most Awkward Yearbook Article

eww wrestling wtf yearbook - 7896760320
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Can This Video Actually Hurt You?

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Behold the Greatest School ID

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Your Mom Has to Be a Teacher

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