School of Fail


Who Needs Free Water?

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What a Weird School

What do you learn here at whore school?
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Science Has Gotten Pretty Weird

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No One Likes Just Brains

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Who Needs to Study for Finals With a Shirt On?

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One Strict Community College

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Paper Clips, They're Super Dangerous

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Aren't Parent / Teacher Meeting the Best?

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Vultures Are Just Gross

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Kids Learn the Darndest Things

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School Pictures Are Getting Weirder and Weirder

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Pop Music & Solar Panels

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A Really Old School Bus

just a bus full of really old students
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Some of Us Catch on Fire a Lot

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HTML Textbooks Are Getting Weird

red pandas put in html textbook
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Students who broke rules in impressive ways teacher stories | mgraunk 3.1k points 3 hours ago My coworker and discovered one our students running an underground crime syndicate selling individual Icebreaker mints 50 cents pop agreed not punish him or inform administration, but did confront him privately and told him he needed stop before got him trouble. He had about half dozen employees and selling at every grade level by time put an end Kid C student at best, but he's definitely going places.

Teachers' "That's Amazing But Please Stop" Stories

"Great job, but don't."
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