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A Game of Drones

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Wrestling Teacher Has Sex With Student on School Bus

sexy times were had from a wrestling coach on a school bus
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The Chemistry Teacher Was Never Seen Again

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Get That Out of My Face!

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Pole Dancing Physics

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Best First Assignment

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Someone Doesn't Give A Flying Fit Bit

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Middle School Teacher Swears at Student and Brags About His Penis

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Make Sure Your Math Teacher Knows How Hard You Work

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She Can't Help Who She Is

classroom comic Hall of Fame substitute teacher - 5737273856
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Hey Kids, Hand Me My Screwdriver!

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Every Chemistry Teachers Halloween Costume

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A Teacher Can Make a Dumb Mistake Using a Smart-Classroom Projector

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The Positive Impact of a Caring Teacher is Perfectly Captured in This Sweet Student's Gift

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Teacher is Prepared For Everything

teacher dressed like star wars
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Karen Teacher breakfast story | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/zeromig 21 hours ago Skip on high school senior tradition? Never, but about double-serving malicious compliance instead? oc M This isn't my story, but happened some high school classmates mine late 1990s. Unfortunately wasn't smart enough be part AP Calculus class teacher had tradition held up at least decade, where, if brought college acceptance letter be invited his Breakfast Club: essentially, instead taking math final exam

Chill Teacher Foils Anti-Breakfast Karen

And on that day, not just IHOP but everyone HOP.
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