School of Fail


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Make That Teacher Twerk

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Dumbfounded Teacher Tells the Story of the Dumbest Student They Ever Had

Dumbfounded Teacher Tells the Epic Story of the Dumbest Student They Ever Had

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How Old Are These Children

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Friendly Reminder That Social Media Is Public

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Pick Your Phone Up After the Test

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Didn't See That Coming

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Hopefully She's Not an English Teacher

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The F Heard Around The World

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That's a Heck of a Mug

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Does Liam Neeson Teach This Class?

you're going to be taken to class
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Now That's A Wall of Text

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No Time to Help the Kids

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The Difference Between Seniors and Freshmen

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What Teacher Wouldn't Want to Hear This?

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Hey Kids, Hand Me My Screwdriver!

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Gary Busey's Tip

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