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They Don't Say It, But They're Thinking It

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Is This How the Kids Are Doing it These Days?

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A Lesson in Physics

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Some Teachers Have the Worst Posture

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Don't Mess With That Sleep Schedule

school teacher image Don't Mess With That Sleep Schedule
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No Cheating

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A Brand New Fourth Grade Teacher Welcomed His Kids Back to School with a Music Video Because That's What Kids Today Will Pay Attention To

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Every Damn Time

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Middle School Teacher Swears at Student and Brags About His Penis

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Must Have Been a Horrible Class

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Tonight's Homework: Watch Dexter, Take Notes

biology Dexter murder teacher texting - 5720584960
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Best First Assignment

homework teacher science g rated School of FAIL - 7767638784
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Teachers, They're Just Like Us

teacher funny lost exams - 8351055872
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There's So Much Blame to Go Around

parent teacher night is depressing
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Teaching Is a Rough Profession

wtf teacher idiots funny School of FAIL - 7650473984
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