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Similar to the Twilight Zone

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Teacher of the Day: Professor Held a Single Mom's Child Through Class, Didn't Mind

Single mom had to bring her child to class and the professor held him
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weird things teachers do

21 People Share The Weirdest Sh*t Their Teachers Did When They Were In School

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Get That Out of My Face!

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Ebola Overreaction of the Day: Teacher Resigns After Trip to Kenya

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I'm Wicked Good at Math

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One Evil Teacher

Ashes of problem students
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The Best Day in Math Class

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Do Not Look...

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Don't Mess With That Sleep Schedule

school teacher image Don't Mess With That Sleep Schedule
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How to Get a Better Grade

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Always Be on the Lookout for Tywin

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Experimental Evidence Proves Theorem

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25 Teachers Share The Worst Cases Of "My Child Can Do No Wrong" That They've Seen

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Everyone Loses Their Minds

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And You Will Be Here For ALL OF IT

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