School of Fail


anatomy Pokémon Fake Science funny - 7846046720
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And Always Room For More Star Stuff!

sagan star stuff - 6538971136
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For Cocktails, Cupcakes and Crying!

school finals image For Cocktails, Cupcakes and Crying!
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Hubble Takes a new Photo of the Pillars of Creation

Astronomy funny science nebula hubble g rated School of FAIL - 8420271360
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All the Single Assignments...

beyoncé homework math - 7982214400
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Both Are Solid Life Aspirations

g rated ninja School of FAIL - 6348634880
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On School Photo Day Just Wear Plain Shirts

butt stuff sexy times funny t shirts wtf - 8116349952
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Astronomy 101: Moon Oreo

moon oreo Astronomy science - 6630643712
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Give It To Us Straight, NASA

nasa Aliens Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - 6847686400
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English 101: Listen Up, Internet.

english 101 g rated School of FAIL - 5949942016
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Thanks, I Think?

sexy - 6092297472
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Missing But Also True: Sell Your Soul, Join the Greeks

drinking how to make friends in co - 6253033984
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class is in session Inception science - 42210817

Procrastination 101: Can't I Just Watch This Later?

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Seriously, It Was a Real Struggle For Him

bad grades inspirational college - 6822890240
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biology 101 class is in session Terrifying - 40691969

Biology 101: Well This is Terrifying

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Memebase: Still a Better Love Sto... Wait What!?!

shakespeare twilight - 6583755008
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