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Science, Get on This!

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Scientists Are Terrible at Doing Drugs

scientist trips over acid
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askreddit about teacher schools and educational institutions

25 Teachers Share The Worst Cases Of "My Child Can Do No Wrong" That They've Seen

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funny meme about Avatar: the last airbender, the legend of korra | Therapist: K-pop Zuko isn't real, he can't hurt Zuko: | firelxrdazula wake up before go go September ends WAKE UP INSIDE three types people

31 Avatar Memes For ATLA Super-Geeks

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HIV Cured for the First Time in a Child

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Make That Teacher Twerk

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It's Even Worse When You Realize It After You've Turned it In

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Know Your Roots

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The Answer is Off The Wall

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I Ain't Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

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English Grammar, Make it Stop

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Looks Like Your Test Likes You

scantron callin you bae
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The Dance of Math

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Boom! You Now Read Faster.

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Best Watch Who You Bully in High School, It Might Be Felicia Day

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