School of Fail

But We Love Snow Days!

school bus snow days School of FAIL - 7064216832

Because You Have a Terrible Math Teacher

multiplication teacher math - 6920798208
funny science scishow tape - 59586561

Why Does Tape Stick

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Science Figures Out Why Hipsters Grow Beards!

Finally science is doing something useful with hipsters
graduation thrift shop - 61843457

Passing Grads- Thrift Shop Parody OHS High School

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medicine Video weird wtf - 61179393

10 Strange Diseases

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magnets science funny - 59351553

Magnetic Braking

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Nature Is Gross

nature science eating - 7353957632

Helping Fight Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

medicine science news - 8236630784
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What a Major it Is

college major that 70s show philosophy - 8240063744
Via Ric72006

New Discovery Show: Guy Gets Eaten Alive By an Anaconda...FOR SCIENCE

wtf science TV - 8372293376
Via Discovery
students life hacks Travel money Video win airplane - 75418113

Watch a College Student Enjoy His $60,000 Around the World Trip for $300

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Boy Accused of Farting Gets Beaten by Girl With a Stool at Staten Island High

high school boy farts, girl beats him up
Via Huffington Post


science Chemistry no - 6940880640
Death Astronomy stars science - 63377153

What Happens When Stars Die?

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atoms ted ed - 37455361

TED-Ed: How Small is an Atom?

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