Poorly Dressed


The Ultimate Example of Socks-With-Sandals Awfulness

flip flops poorly dressed socks sandals - 8403370496
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No, YOU Stole MY Outfit!

poorly dressed socks kitten Cats - 8289128704
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Ronald McDonald: Closet Texan

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By Unknown

Use Your Socks to Send a Message

poorly dressed socks words - 8438648320
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They Call Me DJ Socks

poorly dressed socks - 8411898624
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I Finally Understand What SWAG Means

swag socks - 7171683584
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Show Your Christmas Spirit in a Subtle Way

christmas poorly dressed list socks santa g rated - 8394718720
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You'd Better Do What They Say

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Who Wore it Better?

socks how i met your mother - 6915785728
By Unknown

Close, But No Cigar

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Even Superman needed a backpack in high school

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Do YOU Have a Special Sock?

socks dogs - 6741673472
By Unknown

Louis, What Are You Endorsing, Exactly?

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By Unknown

Nice Try Hiding Your Ankle Bracelet, Lindsay

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By seebee


casual socks wtf - 4213968896
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Two Layers of Failure

layers poorly dressed socks sandals g rated - 8313856000
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